Wrap It Up! 8 Creative Suggestions for Gift Wrapping

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When a gift is beautifully wrapped it becomes a presentation! There are some great ways to wrap gifts today that are both creative and ecologically sound. Here are my top tips for ways to think outside the box while gift wrapping this season!

1. FABRIC: It has been a long-time tradition in my family to wrap gifts in beautiful fabrics, often silk, that are re-used several times over. The fabric itself can be a useful item: a scarf, a bandana, a lunch bag and tied up with fabric ribbon which can be worn as a belt or hair ornament.

2. COOKING: Kitchen gifts can be wrapped in colorful dish towels or use oven mitts as pockets to hold small items. Use tablecloths to wrap large gifts, to pad heavy or breakable items such as dishes and ceramic-ware. Aprons are a great way to wrap gifts for the aspiring chef. A kitchen canister could hold many goodies!

3. HOME GROWN: For the gardener, wrap gifts in a bucket, arrange them in a planter, or hang them as ornaments on a living tree. Think of organic ideas like bird seeds and a bird feeder, garden tools, or decorative stones. Maybe even a gardening book wrapped in a reusable canvas tote that can be used when shopping.

4. KID STUFF: Wrap presents for kids in knit caps, close the hat with a novelty barrette, bracelet or rubber band. Put stuffed toys or action figures in a cowboy hat and secure with a bright bandana. Use fabric paints to customize a pillowcase and wrap up large gifts in that!

5. BOXING DAY: The day after Christmas is known as Boxing Day many places, but in my family we call it that because that is the day so many boxes are thrown out! Put your boxes to good use elsewhere – wrap gifts in a hat box, a gift tin, a tool box, or an artists’ case. How about using a pencil box, a card case, or a coffee mug for business people?

6. PAPER, PLEASE: If you must use paper, think of creative ways to re-use it. Wrap a travel-related gift in an old road map. Wrap a music related-gift in old sheet music. Make your own wrapping paper from grocery bags, and have the kids decorate with crayon, or write a poem or the person’s name right on the paper, or use potato stamps in a holiday design. If you MUST buy wrapping paper, look for recycled paper; avoid wrapping paper with metallic colors, which is often produced in an environmentally unfriendly manner.

7. ACCESSORIZE: Use luggage tags or tree ornaments as gift tags. Instead of ribbon, use natural raffia. Use flowers instead of ribbon

8. SHIPPING NEWS: When shipping gifts, use real popcorn (popped, no butter!) instead of foam peanuts and enclose a note to feed the birds with it!

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Wrap It Up! 8 Creative Suggestions for Gift Wrapping

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