Woman Gives Birth One Hour after Discovering She’s Pregnant

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Let's talk about pregnancy symptoms for a little bit. You've got morning sickness, swollen feet, swollen boobs, an increased appetite, weight gain (obviously), and a new desire to eat pickles and ice cream.

These are VERY clear signs that you're pregnant. I mean, these are the things that say “Hey, you've got a person in there.” Granted, just because you have swollen feet more than you usually do and your boobs have finally made it up to the next cup size doesn't necessarily mean that you're pregnant, but when all of those things are present, you've for sure got a bun in the oven.

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I guess it could also be said that if you don't have morning sickness, your feet are doing just fine, your boobs are the same size since eighth grade, and your belly is a little bigger only because of your binge eating during the holidays then you are most likely not with child.

Wrong! (On some accounts.)

Katie Kropas, a 23-year-old from Massachusetts, didn't have any of these things going on. She was in good health, she had gained the same type of weight that everyone else gains during the holidays (so she thought), and she was on birth control, so there was no way on earth that she was pregnant.

But once she started experiencing pain in her stomach that probably hadn't happened to her before, she was hit with the news that she was carrying a baby girl — a ten-pound, two-ounce baby girl!

Come on! How do you not know you're pregnant!

Because you're experiencing what is called “cryptic pregnancy.”

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As Jena Pincott said, “Quite simply, [women] do not know they're pregnant because they have no symptoms — no weight gain, no nausea, and little to no abdominal swelling. They may still have their periods, or have always had irregular periods. If they have symptoms, they're so subtle as to be easily mistaken for something else. Indigestion, perhaps.”

So, can you really blame her? She didn't have any of the symptoms that you would expect a pregnant woman to have. If you don't miss a period, then you aren't pregnant. That's typically what happens, right?


But not this time. Katie's cryptic pregnancy was rewarded with a ten-pound baby.

Have you heard of cryptic pregnancies before? Do you know anyone who has had one? Let us know!

What do you think?

Woman Gives Birth One Hour after Discovering She’s Pregnant

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  1. Ally says:

    If any of you knew how to read you would see that I wrote I know personally she is a liar and that is why I don’t believe her. I didn’t say it couldn’t happen. I said given her history of not telling the truth I don’t think this time is any different.

  2. Jessica says:

    I am one of these moms. I am a cancer survivor who is peri menopausal. I have no period and have not for over 5 years. I had some real back pain that i went to have checked. At 9 am they showed me a xray of a baby…at 11am i was 7cm dialated. A few hours later my daughter was born. Healthy. Beautiful. I didnt know. I slept well. I dont drink or smoke. I have no other children. I gained very little weight and the only craving i had was for a apple. I still dislike them.

    Ladies…stop judging. Our bodies are unique and amazing. We grow healthy little people while working and raising families. We all are to be praised for making life possible. Not shuned or made to feel like failures by one another.

  3. Anycia says:

    Well I suppose Ally that my mother was a negative Attention seeker as you so narrowminded and pessimistically put it because she did not know with my brother. She had her cycle regularly. My cousin didnt know she was until she went to go fill her prescription for birth control well into her pregnancy. So theyre attention seeking. How could someone who is purposefully taking BC regularly to prevent conception looking for attention by becoming pregnant. That is an oxymoron. I was planning to respond to this post in a different manner to validate this possibility. But when i saw thr response from Ally, I became offended because I personally know two individuals who have experienced it so I take that statement personally.

  4. Ally says:


    My previous post already answers your question….

  5. Jenna says:

    @Ally. Why you say shes fake and lies just curious. I have seen that show where those women had no signs they were pregnant. Pretty powerful stuff.

  6. Ally says:

    If this girl wasn’t a crazy deranged lunatic that spent her free time creating fake MySpace and facebook accounts catfishing every guy at every high school for miles pretending to be a gorgeous blonde then I might be inclined to give her some credit. But she’s just a lying lying liar who lies – why would now be any different? Negative attention is still attention.

  7. Stephanie says:

    I’ve heard of the opposite, people believing they are pregnant so hard that they experience all of the symptoms, only to discover that it was all in their head


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