Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth on Airplane

Not knowing that you are pregnant is one thing, although it really does happen

But not knowing you are pregnant and then giving birth while stuck on an airplane flying through the sky?

I almost don't even know what to say.

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The story of Ada Guan sounds like something out of a movie. The woman got on a flight from Canada to Toyko with her boyfriend, Wesley Branch, and apparently went into labor somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. Not knowing that she was actually going into labor, Guan started complaining of stomach pains and was kindly bumped up to first class, where she was assisted by a doctor, who just happened to be on board. (How does that always happen??) 

The medical professionals on board, along with the flight attendants, actually hooked Guan up to an IV and administered Tylenol to her to help with the pain. Unsurprisingly, the pain got worse.  

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Suddenly, Guan cried out in surprise. “She told me, ‘Something fell out of me.' I lifted up her pants, and I saw a head, and then I heard, ‘Wah.' I thought.'Oh my god. I think we have a kid,' ” said Branch.

What's even stranger than a woman finding out she was pregnant by having “something” fall out of her is the fact that Guan had actually taken pregnancy tests that were negative and had a recent check-up with her doctor, neither of which revealed the pregnancy. “Her belly wasn't even big. She just thought she was gaining a little bit of a weight. She didn't think anything out of it,” her boyfriend reported.

But there definitely was something in that belly. The baby girl, estimated to be about 37 weeks old, was born on the Air Canada flight on May 10, 36,000 miles high, just in time for Guan's mother to get an emotional phone call on Mother's Day letting her know that she was now a grandmother. 

Many of the passengers on board the plane didn't even know what was happening until the pilot announced that they were carrying one additional passenger — much to the surprise of the plane passengers, who erupted into spontaneous applause. The couple has reportedly named their daughter Chloe, and both mom and baby are recovering well, although the couple is struggling to financially catch up to their unexpected airline souvenir. 

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The couple, who gained Internet fame, has also made headlines again, proclaiming, “Who can't take care of a baby? If you have cats, you're going to be able to take care of a baby,” to one news outlet. 

Good luck with that one, guys! 

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Woman Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant, Gives Birth on Airplane

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