Why You Need a Breastpump (And The Best Way to Get One!)

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So you're having a baby. Whether you're a planner and already thinking about breastfeeding even though you're only in your first trimester or you're in the final countdown of your third trimester and trying to get everything in place, you've undoubtedly got a lot on your mind. Let us help you with the question of whether you really need a breastpump. Spoiler alert: You need a breastpump.

Why, you ask? Let's talk.

If you know you're going back to work it's an easy thing to see how a pump will be useful. You'll be able to build a supply and provide breastmilk to your baby even when you are busy being awesome at work. 

Sometimes mastering breastfeeding can take time. If latching isn't coming easily to your little one you can use the breastpump to maintain your supply as you work on establishing a good latch. 

If you're struggling with low supply, using a pump can be a great way to stimulate production and increase your supply. 

If you're struggling with oversupply, you can pump to relieve pressure between nursing sessions and save up that liquid gold to donate to other babies in need. 

Like sleep? Having a pump means that you can pump ahead of time and allow your partner a chance to feed the baby – especially in the middle of the night. 

If you want to go be – er, I mean see – a Bad Mom movie then you can head out with your friends – and have drinks or stay out late – without worrying about getting home in time for the next nursing session. 

Sometimes life throws you curveballs. If you find that you have to take a medication incompatible with nursing or are facing an illness or surgery, having the option to pump can help you plan ahead or maintain your supply through difficult times. 

Even when your little one starts solid foods, breastmilk can be a great addition to their diet. Pumping means you have milk on hand to add to foods like cereals. 

During those difficult teething times one of the best treatments for sore gums is cold. Enter the breastmilk popsicle! 

When cluster feeding strikes sometimes it helps to be able to change things up a bit, and alternate pumping and breastfeeding. You can even hand off feeding duties and get a break completely now and then. 

When your little one isn't feeling well one of the best immune boosters is already right there – breastmilk! You can even keep some milk on hand just in case of illness. 

And, finally, because you might not want to nurse your baby from the breast. If you want your baby to have the benefits of breastmilk but for whatever reason you prefer feeding from the bottle you can definitely pump and feed as you choose. 

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So yes, you should get a breastpump. The question now: which one? There are tons of options out there, from Medela to Spectra and beyond. When deciding on which type a primary concern for many parents is cost. The great news is that for many people the breastpump is completely covered by insurance. If you want to check out your options in the simplest way possible you want to head over t0 Edgepark to complete their online form. Filling out the information about your state and insurance carrier will allow you to see which pumps are available to you through your coverage. To make it even easier, Edgepark will work with your doctor and your insurance company to complete the necessary paperwork and get your pump shipped directly to you. 

Check out how simple the process is right here: 


If you're a veteran mama, what can you tell first-time moms about choosing a breastpump? 

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Why You Need a Breastpump (And The Best Way to Get One!)

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