Why Tired Moms Will Love This More than Their Coffee Maker

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It's no secret that those early years of parenting take a lot out of you (okay, lets be real – it's not just the early years!) and there isn't a parent out there who hasn't wished for a magic solution to ease the exhaustion. Most of us cope with coffee – lots of coffee. My coffee maker is my first stop in the morning and one of those appliances that I can't do without. But we've just discovered a new appliance that might even edge out the coffee maker in new parents' hearts – the First Years' Remote Control Bottle Warmer

Until your little one is sleeping through the night (really sleeping through the whole night, not that stretch of a few hours) you know the nighttime drill. Get the baby to sleep; try to cram in all the cleaning, television, and time with your partner possible before passing out; close your eyes only to feel like mere moments later you hear your baby beginning to wake for a feeding. It's like they have a radar, right? Whether you're breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or a combination of the two, dragging yourself out of bed at whatever god awful hour of the night it is, is not easy.

Thankfully, this handy device will take nighttime feedings from this:

To this:

Seems much simpler, doesn't it? And, maybe from time to time you could even replace all those bubbles featuring ‘Mom actions' with ‘Dad actions' from time to time. After all, according to this national sleep poll, women are more likely than men to have difficulty falling and staying asleep and to experience more daytime sleepiness. So if your partner will listen to reason and help a sister out from time to time, maybe they can save you from losing fewer days of sleep during baby's first year of life, possibly dialing it back to 30-some rather than the 44 that is estimated?

“But, you're breastfeeding”, hubby says. To that we say, “Pump. Have a stash. You deserve sleep too!” This is not just a formula bottle warmer, it's a bottle warmer for breastmilk too! “But is that safe?”, you ask … Yes! This is made possible by the fact that this bottle warmer will not only warm the milk, but also keep the bottle cool (AKA safe) until it is needed. And when it comes to heating the milk, the gentle warming helps breastmilk retain maximal nutrients, maternal antibodies, and likely other health promoting factors. So, no more excuses, hubbies. Geek out on this cool gadget with us. We all know you like a good remote control. And earn some major bonus points with the mother of your child while you're at it. 

You may be wondering, do I really need a baby bottle warmer? Why can't I just use the microwave or stove?  Well, for years doctors have been saying that microwaving formula causes horrible heat distribution which can burn babies' mouth's and bellies. Although most people shake bottles to avoid this – it always does not work because heat tends to re-conglomerate immediately. Warming the water is a much safer method.

Plus, remember the remote? You can use this warmer from the comfort of your own bed. When an extra few minutes feels like the greatest sleep gift in the world, this is the appliance of your dreams. Plus you can keep it right next to the coffee maker – no need to give that one up completely, right? 

Join us in leaving #teamnosleep and starting #teamsomesleep. by using the First Years' Remote Control Bottle Warmer, too. 

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Why Tired Moms Will Love This More than Their Coffee Maker

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