Why Moms Love Amazon Prime, And You Will Too

I have had a love affair with Amazon Prime for several years now, and know all the reasons why I like it, but I wondered what other moms had to say about their love for the same service. I sourced our Facebook audience for information and these moms came up with even more reasons than the ones I already know and love …
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Streaming shows and subscribe and save

Yes. I have had it for years. I love streaming shows and movies for my family. Most of all, we live in a rural area and are a great distance from the grocery. I use subscribe and save for all of our paper goods, bath goods, etc. We also use for Christmas due to the free two day shipping. My son had homecoming and there was no way to get to a store beforehand since they are so far away. I ordered on Amazon everything that he needed. It is a life saver! – Shannon D.

Amazon Lockers (say what? I didn't even know this existed!)

My subscribe and save was at my door this morning when I woke up. It's Sunday. Amazon lockers are also very easy to use and convenient for returns. I haven't had anything shipped to them yet. – Amanda P. 

Streaming shows for late nights

Staying awake in the middle of the night to nurse was impossible before Prime! I was struggling to get through life for lack of sleep. Now I can watch documentaries and further my education while feeding my baby quickly and efficiently in order to maximize on sleep. It is fantastic! – Leanna L. 

Diapers in a day and awesome deals 

What's not to love? Diapers in a day! Birthday gifts galore delivered to family and friends in the USA and even Canada! Awesome deals on name brand shoes and clothes for the whole family. The best part is that if something doesn't fit you send it back without spending a dime. Being a family of 6 it's nice to be able to get some things without having to load everyone up in the car and trek to the store not knowing if we might even find what we're looking for. Don't forget the music and moves and TV shows that we can live stream right into our living room! When you add up all the savings Amazon Prime is a steal. – Karna H.

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Gift shopping and free shipping 

I absolutely love it around holidays and birthdays! I can get shopping done without taking kids with me and worrying about someone leaking the secrets of what the gifts are … I also love that I can go right on and order just about anything and not have to worry about the shipping cost if I make multiple small orders in one day! – Kaycee S.


I have what could be considered an Amazon problem, so much so that I felt it necessary to get my postman a Christmas gift this year. Between it and Walmart grocery pick up, I never have to go into the store. – Tara G.

I love a lot about my Amazon Prime account, from free shipping to access to free books/movies/tv shows and music. But my most favorite is that I can shop for gifts for family who live far away and save shipping costs because Amazon does it for me! Oh, and I can do it last minute cause that's how it tends to go in my crazy life! – Shelli G. 

Cheap diapers 

Subscribe and save gets me diapers and wipes to my door for less thand I would pay at WalMart without having to driving 4 kids to the store to get them.
My kids love Prime shows. I love 2 day shipping. Recently we had a package that was delayed and customer service extended our membership by a month because he 2 day deadline wasn't met. – Bekah S. 

Great deals on kid necessities

Free shipping and really good prices on a lot of items! I was able to buy a lot of my kids clothes for the spring and summer at cheap prices. DC shoes tshirt for $3 for my toddler is my kind of deal. I spent almost $800 in February for house items and clothes. I paid 0 in shipping and most of it I got within 3 days of ordering. – Dicia B. 

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Discounted formula 

Free two day shipping, I get my youngest sons formula for a discounted price and I am easily able to get anything I want for a great price. – Elizabeth S. 

Prime Now 

I love the fact that now, in NYC, we have Prime Now. I am able to order bottle nipples and diapers at 7:45 pm and they will be here by 9. Same day shipping is pretty great for things I need, but not urgently (because lasership, whom they use for same day is awful), and the regular prime shipping is totally worth the annual fee. Prime textbook rentals are a lifesaver too. – Olivia B.

I have been shopping on Amazon since it started; I am a HUGE user. I joined Prime because I live in a rural area and the closest shopping area to me is 20-25 minutes away. If I want to be where there is “everything”, I would have to drive 50 minutes away, which is where I work 3 days a week. I work 12.5-13 hr shifts and I am exhausted when I'm done so the last thing I want to do is shop. My husband works locally. I utilize Prime to get all those things that I don't feel like driving all over creation to look for, especially if Amazons pricing is better. Free shipping in 2 days for those, “oh crap, we need …” moments. A TV in our office is setup for our daughter using Fire TV so we don't have to put cable in there. Parental restrictions keep her from watching what we don't approve and she can't buy anything either. Amazon has some cute original programs for kids. Also, I have been using Amazon music to help my daughter sleep with a relaxation compilation from a Bluetooth speaker controlled by my phone. No Echo; not ready for that. – Melanie B. 

Fast, free shipping 


Fast free shipping without guilt adding to the cost of individual items (or having to make large purchases) for the fast shipping. Credits sometimes if I'm not in a hurry and waive the fast shipping. Also, streaming tv, though we really don't use that service so much. – Tina W.

I LOVE getting free shipping on most any item I need. I've gotten to where any (non grocery) item I see out shopping I'll check on Amazon for pricing and reviews and often times find it cheaper online and can get it in as little as 2 days! – Candice G.  

I love it for the quick and usually free shipping. I start shopping for Christmas and birthdays early to spread out the cost and now I can do it without leaving my house. – Sarah M. 

Since being stationed in Germany it has been a lifesaver! We order from there almost daily. I can't begin to imagine how much money we've saved. Or that would've been spent had we not signed up. The one thing we joke about is actually not having two day shipping. It usually takes 4-5 days to reach us since it's coming overseas. I don't think we would survive without it. – Lydia L. 

Love the free 2 day shipping! I'm super impatient so it's nice getting my order in 2 days without paying a butt load in shipping costs. Also really nice close to holidays and birthday!! – Amber W. 


I love the convenience of it!!! You need something you can order it right from your phone and it will arrive in 2 days and sometimes even the same day. Also during the holidays it's a life saver. The stores are insane who wants to wait on lines when you can shop at home in your pjs. – Michelle P. 

Makes mom life easier 

I have a very active toddler and an exclusively breastfeeding 6 week old. Sometimes it takes longer to get out of the house than it takes to go to the store and back, and once there, chase my little man all over the store. It's nice to be able to get certain necessities without getting off the couch. With the click of a button, I can order what I need and continue my day! – Jennifer A. 

I love not having to take my kids to the store with me. It's easier then loading up, unloading going in then arguing with the kids. Two day shipping is a serious plus for when I forget a birthday or something on my calendar. It's just all around awesome plus the free streaming! – Ariel B.

I love the free shipping! I'm a busy working mom with triplets and I don't have to worry about running out for essentials! I just log on to my app and order! No fuss! – Francean L. 

Credit when you don't need 2-day shipping 

The free TV shows and sometimes when you elect to wait the longer shipping time they give you money to use next time. So when I'm not in a hurry to get something in 2 days it's nice to get like $5 to use next time. – Briana W. 


Access to most any brand 

I love a brand of diapers that I can only get on amazon. Plus all my protein shakes and dog food(3 German Shepherd's). Plus we use it to watch Sofia the First. $1.99 an episode. You can only watch season 1&2 so much on Netflix!! – Laramie A. 

Student discount and cheap photo printing 

I joined Prime while I was in college 3 years ago because of the free 6 month trial and then discounted price for students. Free 2 day shipping, music streaming (which my list has around 1,400 songs right now), and photo printing with free shipping are my top reasons. And I love the photo discount codes when they have them. I was so happy to get 100 prints for $1 this weekend. Even with free prints on Shutterfly I'd still have to pay $8 for shipping. And even without special codes the prices to print are way better than other sites.

Prime pantry 

Two day shipping saved me this past Christmas. My son decided to add a gift for Santa to bring him very close to Christmas after I thought we were all done shopping and thanks to Prime I got it ordered and got it on time to put under the tree.
Occasionally I like to use Prime Pantry to stock up on some food. I try to only use that though when I have gift cards saved up so I really don't have to spend much of my own money on the items because those boxes can get expensive if you try to fill up the whole space. – Jenni L. 

Distraction-free shopping 

I found that when I go shopping I end up buying more than I planned on. With Prime I only order the item I have on my mind so it saves me money! – Kelly T. 

Amazon Warehouse deals 

Free shipping, Amazon Warehouse deals, and all the free music – Suzanne R. 

Unlimited Kindle library access 

I love Amazon Prime! Two day shipping, unlimited books for your Kindle, movie/show streaming. – Cherokee C. 

Excellent customer service 

Also Amazon customer service has always been really good about any issues I've had with any orders – Alexis Y. 

Still not convinced? We've compiled a complete list of all of Amazon's Prime benefits here. Find yourself exclaiming, “Sign me up!”? You can do that here. Bonus? Amazon will send you a free baby Welcome Box full of awesome samples for trying Amazon Prime free for 30-days and using their super easy Baby Registry. Why are you waiting?

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Why Moms Love Amazon Prime, And You Will Too

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