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Driving in the car yesterday, my son, Sawyer, informed me that when he grows up he wants to be an eye doctor. His sister, Lorelei, chimed in that she’d like to be a dog trainer. (Of course, she’ll have to get over her fear of dogs, first.) Later in the day, my son came back to inform me that he was also planning on being a daddy *awww* and a hockey player, after he learns to skate. My oldest daughter, Annabella, chimed in that she wants to be a sea animal trainer, but the paper that came home from kindergarten has her future plans listed as “movie star”.

I love the way their choices say so much about who they are today. Sawyer is always in his own world, moving from one thing to the next and sometimes not even finishing a thought. Lorelei is largely fearless, but challenges herself even on the things that do make her nervous. And although Annabella chose animal training first, I know it was at least in part thanks to Winter the dolphin, in hopes that someone would make a movie about her.

I look at them sometimes and wonder where life will take them, which career path will finally be the one that they follow. I think about my own path, and the dreams I used to have for my future. I knew that I would be a teacher. I was, for a while. But life has a way of changing your plans. I’m happy with the way mine have changed. I hope that they will find that same kind of happiness. For now, opthamology, hockey, animal training, acting, and parenting seem to be wonderful choices.

What do your kids want to be when they grow up?


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When I Grow Up

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  1. My stepson Elijah changes his mind a lot. He went from a boxer to a policeman, and the latest is firefighter.


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