What You Need to Know About Keeping Baby Safe in the Bath

There’s nothing sweeter or better smelling than a baby fresh out of the bath. While bathtime can be endlessly cute and lots of fun for both parent and child, many people don’t realize the many ways that it can also be dangerous. From 2006-2010, 346 babies and toddlers died by drowning in the bathtub. These accidents are tragic and largely preventable. As you head towards bath time this evening, remember these tips to keep your baby safe in the bath. 

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Never leave a child unattended in the tub

“While it may seem obvious,” Says Rita Goldberg, “ a water safety expert and CEO of the British Swim School, “It’s important to stay with your child and pay attention to them at all times.” While being in the bathroom with a child in the tub seems obvious, many parents who’ve experienced the drowning of their child find that it happens quickly — when they step away for what seems like only a moment to answer the phone or retrieve something.

Pay attention as your child bathes

While most parents wouldn't leave their child alone in the bathroom while they’re in the tub, many are guilty of zoning out or not paying attention as their child plays or splashes in the bath. “Don’t answer your phone or text while you give your child a bath,” Says Goldberg, “Drowning is silent and can happen quickly. You wouldn't hear it happen if you were pulled away for any amount of time.”

Train your caregivers in bath time safety

Just because you know how to keep your baby safe in the tub doesn't mean that your child’s other caretakers do. Train your little one’s caretakers in bathtub safety and make sure that they follow through each time they babysit your little one.

Drain the tub promptly after use

Babies and toddlers are curious and can drown in only a few inches of water. Instead of pulling your child from the tub and draining it later, always drain the tub immediately after use so that there’s no possibility that your child will wander and fall in later on.


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What You Need to Know About Keeping Baby Safe in the Bath

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