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  1. Profile photo of anet james anet james says:

    Will the name Rhoda ever make a comeback. This is the best children’s book in years… thank you Betty!

  2. Profile photo of mamaduke mamaduke says:

    For me, I didn’t care what the baby name books said for my little guy’s name. There’s more personal meaning to it. His first name was after a dear friend that died a few years ago, and his middle name is his Chinese name, named after his great grandfather.

  3. Profile photo of vicki vicki says:

    that is a beautiful meaning and babies are definitely a gift from God!!

  4. Profile photo of Kaye Hinds Kaye Hinds says:

    My son’s name is Nathaniel Bryce. At first, it was a name suggested by my cousin, but it gained more meaning when I found out it was my grandmother’s brother’s name, and also her father’s middle name. Most of all, it means Gift from God, which he definitely is!

  5. Profile photo of emi285 emi285 says:

    I am of the belief you should always know the meaning of your childrens names before you decide on them, it influences their personalities! My son is Nathaniel Scott – God’s gracious gift & Painted warrior…he reminds me daily that he is a gift upon my life and I guess the painted warrior is why he has wanted to join the Army since he was 3 (didn’t think Scott through as much as my other children’s names…it sounded good at the time) . My oldest daughter has the names of two queens and it shows; Katharine Elizabeth – Pure & truth, intelligence, beauty and grace… She is a pure hearted person and is very blunt/truthful (she has been known to hurt some feelings with this trait) the only thing she is not is graceful thanks to taking after me! Miranda Jolie – She who must be admired & very pretty…She is always in the spotlight and craving attention, she stays on my lap or in my arms and she gets her admiration from all of the family including her youngest sister, and very pretty…yes she is; she resembled a porcelain doll when she was born. Samantha Lauren – listens well & the bay, or laurel plant… She is my quiet one who sits back and takes everything in, she is the one who notices everything (I guess that’s from listening) as for the middle meaning…she is three so maybe when she is older she will be poetic…but she likes and has no fear of water. Always look at the name origins and meanings…they have connections to personalities!


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