What Does Eye Color Mean?

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Even before your little one arrives, one of the things you’re bound to wonder is what color their eyes will be. Because of the intricacies of genetics and the way melanin influences eye color there is a range of colors that are possible. What does this mean? Even dark-eyed parents can have light-eyed babies or vice versa. So no matter what you expect, you could be in for a surprise.

We were curious, so we decided to see what the different colors are supposed to signify. Here’s what we learned:

Brown Eyes:

Those with dark eyes are seen as leaders. They may also be viewed as mysterious or secretive.

Darker eyes mean more melanin. This can also mean skills at sports that involve quick thinking as melanin “acts as an insulator for connections between brain cells. The more melanin one has, the quicker their brains may work.”

Blue Eyes:

Those with blue eyes are sometimes perceived as weak or timid. On the other hand, they may be seen as competitive. Since most babies are born with blue eyes they are also seen as representative of youth.

A study conducted at the University of Pittsburgh revealed that those with blue eyes may handle the stress and pain of childbirth better. 

Hazel Eyes:

Those with hazel eyes are viewed as “independent, confident, and spontaneous.” Those with hazel eyes will find their color changes with environment, mood, or what they wear. Because of the range of coloring each person with hazel eyes has a unique combination.

Green Eyes:

Those with green eyes are viewed as “alluring, sexy, and mysterious.” This eye color is more rare than the others listed, appearing in only around 2% of the population, and in some ways that makes it more desirable. 

What color are your eyes? How about your little one? 

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What Does Eye Color Mean?

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