Week in Review: Time-Lapse Videos to Melt Your Heart

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As of late, time-lapse videos have been flooding the interwebs. You know, the ones where hundreds of photos are put together with music to show a woman's belly grow with a baby inside of her or the ones where babies pass through years in seconds. Here's three of the best of those videos you should check out this week.

21 Years of Photos

The first one on the list is a six-minute video of photos that were taken every single day for 21 years. Twenty-one years! If you do the math, that's a ton of photos. Not to mention that if I were the one getting a mug shot every single day of my life, I would have thrown a fit, especially if I were in my younger years. But luckily for this dad, and for this kid, all the work and cooperation resulted in a really awesome video. 

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Baby Photo Time Lapse

Don't you just wish your baby would be a baby forever? They grow up so fast! Even faster when you do a time-lapse video of your baby growing up. Here is a video of an adorable baby getting the time-lapse treatment.

Time-Lapse Serenade

Usually with time-lapse videos, you have music set to the video to add some flavor. But in this video, a man serenades his partner as she goes throughout her pregnancy. It's a pretty good song, and the accompanying video has been a viral sensation. 

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Do you like these types of videos? Which ones are your favorites?

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Week in Review: Time-Lapse Videos to Melt Your Heart

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