Twins, Twins, Twins: We’re Seeing Double!

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I'm thinking of something that starts with a “T” and has been quite popular in the news this past week. Nope, it's not Trump (for some reason, he's popular in the news every week). It's twins! I've found a couple of interesting stories about twins that I think are worth your time. 

Twins for days and days and days …

Have you noticed that there are more and more people having twins nowadays? Me neither, but I guess that's actually a thing. According to a study that was published in Population and Development Review, the number of twin births is shooting through the roof. In the United States alone, twin births went up more than 60% in a 37-year span.  

Why is that? Because of the rise of self-centeredness, zygotes (sex cells) have begun to create doubles so that there were more “other” people for adults to worry about.


Find out the real reason here

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Twin provides moment of comfort

Spending nine months in a dark sac may get lonely for some. But for others, there's someone by their side the entire time — even if it's to the end. Parents Brittani and Ian McIntire from Kansas were given the news that one of their two unborn babies wouldn't be born alive. Even if Mason (the male baby) did survive throughout Brittani's entire pregnancy, he wouldn't have much time on earth with his family or his twin sister, Madilyn.

Despite this horrible news, everyone that saw the sonogram noticed that Mason had grabbed Madilyn's finger. All who saw it felt like he was searching for comfort and knew that his sister was there to provide that for him. Of the sad, yet sweet moment, Brittani said that “it's comforting to know that if he does pass, he won't be alone.”

Read more and see the sonogram here.

Married couple has a bun in each oven

Two women, married to each other and happily in love, decided to have a baby. Well, each of them decided to have a baby. So while technically these babies aren't twins, two parents will be having their babies together (four days apart, actually). This piece is a little on the long side, but it's extremely interesting, and it offers a rarely seen perspective on motherhood, marriage, and childbirth.

For a peek into the life of an LGBT couple — a couple that consists of two pregnant women — click here

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What are some of your memories of having twins?

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Twins, Twins, Twins: We’re Seeing Double!

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