What to Wear: Your Postpartum Wardrobe Explained

During the final months of pregnancy, many moms daydream about what it will be like to finally be able to wear jeans with buttons. Or to shop at regular clothing stores again. They’re also often surprised that it can take a while after they deliver their baby to begin to feel comfortable in their clothes again.

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Not only do most moms leave the hospital with a belly that still looks very much pregnant, but it can also take many months to get to a size they feel good about. During that “in-between” time, it can be tough to piece together outfits that feel both comfortable and confidence boosting. We talked to moms about what they wore in the months after birth. Check out their responses to get an idea of what you’ll want in your postpartum wardrobe in the months after birth! 

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Leggings are a postpartum wardrobe staple. After giving birth many moms find leggings (either maternity leggings or standard, high-waisted leggings) to be both forgiving and flattering. “I lived in leggings for months after I had my baby,” said Stephanie. “They were comfortable and I didn’t have to buy a new pair as I slowly lost the baby weight.”

Maternity Shirts

Even though they’re no longer pregnant, many moms stay in maternity clothes for at least a few weeks or months after they bring baby home. “After I delivered, I put away the maternity clothes that looked obviously like maternity clothes. But I kept wearing the tops that looked a little bit looser and worked for nursing,” said Liza.

Comfortable Dresses

A cute dress and pair of shoes can help you feel confident about taking your baby out in the first few months. “I wore dresses for the first few months after I had my baby. They were low cut enough that I could nurse easily and were cute enough that I felt good about going places with my baby,” said LaTerria.


As a new parent, you’re going to spend a lot of time just hanging out. Whether you’re feeding your baby, sleeping when they’re sleeping or resting and getting to know them at home, comfortable pajamas are a must. “I spent the first month of my baby’s life in my nursing nightgown and a robe,” said Ashleigh. “I loved just cuddling up and smelling that newborn smell!” 

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What are some of your postpartum wardrobe staples? Share in the comments!


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What to Wear: Your Postpartum Wardrobe Explained

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