Waterworks Warning! 10 Things That Can Make an Expectant or New Mom Cry

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This is meant as a public service announcement of sorts, to help you avoid sending yourself or your loved one into recurrent bouts of uncontrollable sobbing. If you are reading this with the express intention of making a pregnant woman or new mama cry, well – you aren’t very nice, are you? Maybe you should spend a little more time in your happy place.

The emotions that kick in the moment you conceive, the same emotions that last well into the first year (or beyond), can be overwhelming. Growing and caring for a brand new person can shift every feeling into overdrive. On the good days, this can carry you through amazing highs, wherein you smile fondly at strangers who compliment you and you embody that oft-referenced “pregnancy glow,” or congratulate yourself for being the best mom ever. Then there are the other days. Days when you look at your handsome and loving husband, the one who got you into this situation, and wonder if he’s always been so obnoxious when he brushes his teeth (Why so much foam? Seriously!?) And the tears – oh, the tears

So today, we’re talking about those sensitive subjects that might just set you off on one of those days. Maybe you, and those who love you, can avoid your triggers, as unlikely a thought that seems. Or maybe you can just feel relief at knowing you aren’t the only one who has cried over the restaurant putting the wrong condiments on your sandwich (you’re in good company on that one). 


Mess with her food

This one is a biggie. Whether you’ve been managing morning sickness and struggling to find anything appetizing, or you’re struggling  more in the “please hide the food before I eat it all” way, someone standing between you and what you want to eat is dangerous ground.

Jenny was sent into sobs when she discovered her husband had finished the chips portion of her chips-and-salsa craving. Aimee says, “I all out cried at the mall because my husband took too long at Sears and I wanted ice cream. He says ‘Honey, we can go to Haagen-Dazs in the food court,’ and I replied while crying, ‘But…they don't have mix ins!!!!’ I was laughing while crying because I knew how ridiculous it was! But I couldn't stop the tears.”

… Or drinks

She’s likely given up a lot in the name of pregnancy – wine, her daily caffeine habit, and much of her patience. For Christi, the tears weren’t enough when her husband drank the last caffeine-free soda. She confesses that she *may* have pitched a fit that involved not only tears, but some increased volume and possibly a flying water bottle. As I say – tread with caution when coming between a woman and her food (or drinks).

Reveal the sex of the baby (or babies)

Hey – you get what you get, and you don’t get upset, right? Until you do. Now, there are tears of all kinds in this category. The happy tears, upon hearing that the little girl/boy you’ve always envisioned is on her/his way. The not-so-happy tears, upon hearing that the little girl/boy you’ve always envisioned is actually a boy/girl. And the “oh my gosh, I’m actually having a baby – what was I thinking?” tears that sometimes sneak in at the gender reveal. As any mama will tell you, you’re going to love the child once he/she arrives, no matter which equipment is installed; so don’t let anyone make you feel guilty over a few tears for what might have been, or what will be.

*Expect increased amounts of tears from moms of multiples, since they’re getting hit with this emotional moment times two or three or more.

Watch television

Cozying up on the couch for a little screen time sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong.

The television is rife with risky, tear-inducing opportunities on every channel. Don’t get me started on Lifetime movies – especially any with a baby or pregnant woman or food (see Reason #1). But even the most innocuous moments have the potential for sparking a tear fest.

For example, Trish says, “I was about 7 months pregnant and watched an episode of Meerkat Manor… it was the one where the momma meerkat, Flower, gave her life to save her babies when a snake entered her den. I cried for 24 STRAIGHT HOURS for that sweet meerkat who saved her babies!!! I think I'm about to cry again right now!” Me too. *sniff*

… ANY television

But you argue that some things must be safe, right? Football. That must be okay to watch. Don’t be so sure … Jennifer says, “I was just a few days post in-vitro and not sure if we were pregnant. My husband and I were sitting on the couch watching a Bucs game & when they scored a touchdown I started bawling my eyes out! My husband started laughing and said, ‘You're pregnant.’ I went and took 3 pregnancy tests and sure enough, I was! I'm not a football fan at all which just made it even funnier!” Bucs fans all over understand your tears, Jennifer.

Tease her

A bit of good-natured teasing is all in good fun. Usually. But the rules change when the hormones kick in. Take it from Mandi’s husband. She says, “I was pregnant the first time giving my husband a hard time about not eating his vegetables so he could live a long time with me, to which he jokingly responded if I was going to nag him maybe he didn't want to… Totally burst into tears and freaked him out big time. Kept laughing and crying about the hormones.”

So you may want to lay off the teasing, unless you like your dinner with a side of vegetables and hysterical crying.

Show her tiny baby things

Newborn diapers. Footed sleepers. Heck, even a little, blue bulb syringe. “I’ll use this to suck the snot out of his little nose!” This also applies to actual babies – both human and non-human. “Aw, look how the mama spider carries her hundreds of babies on her back!” Okay – maybe there is a limit. But puppies, for sure.

Spill milk (or pour it out)

As any mama who has pumped will know, the work that goes into bottling breast milk makes that stuff as valuable as liquid gold. Joyce was reminded of this by her tears after her husband took care of a bottle on the counter. “It was 6 ounces. I remember it well because it was the most I had ever pumped in an entire day and he came home, thought it had been sitting out, and dumped it down the drain. When I went to look for it shortly thereafter, he told me he had thrown it out and I seriously sobbed over spilled milk.” Yeah – that saying makes so much more sense now that I’m a mother.

Make her feel like a mom

Those moments, especially in the early days, when you suddenly realize that you’re actually a mom, are magic. Even when they’re messy. Take Nikki, who says the tears kicked in “the first time Mikey peed on me… after 3 girls, I was so happy to finally have a boy! That was the first time I really felt like I had my ‘momma's boy.’”

There was many a late night that I spent with my newborns, deliriously tired and silently sobbing as I took in the fact that I might never sleep again – but the reason for that was the best thing in the world. And speaking of sleep (or the lack thereof) – our last way to make a her cry is up next.

Just about anything, really

Sometimes, the not sleeping, the love, the hormones, and the reality of it all just hits you when you least expect it. Take Amanda, for instance. When her little one was only a week old, she took her older kids to see Yo Gabba Gabba live. And then, “When DJ Lance walked out I cried like he was the pope.”

While we do get the magical wonder of a television personality who keeps your toddler entertained for longer than ten minutes, we’re guessing that whole “I just had a baby a week ago” factor may have come into play here.  So if you, too,  find yourself or your loved one crying for what seems to be no reason – trust us – somewhere out there is another pregnant woman or new mom sobbing because they understand the trauma of your husband eating the leftovers you had been saving.

Now it’s your turn! So tell us – what’s the silliest, strangest, funniest thing that has made you cry as an expectant or new mom? 

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Waterworks Warning! 10 Things That Can Make an Expectant or New Mom Cry

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  1. Profile photo of Amanda Amanda says:

    I cried for a good 2 to 3 hour because my husband could not get the apple juice open fast enough! Then I cried more because he was laughing at me. In retrospect it was funny and ridiculous!!!

  2. Profile photo of Carolyn Carolyn says:

    A few weeks ago I watched My Sisters Keeper, I cryed so much I couldn’t even tell which part of the movie was on. I’ve just seen it so much I know what happens. Even more recently, the night before last, I cryed for half the night because my husband fell asleep before I did.

  3. Profile photo of Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I just cried reading about the mom that cried over Meerkat Manor….

  4. I cried and chased my boyfriend around the house when he took the other half of my rosa maria’s burrito lol

  5. Profile photo of Angel Angel says:

    I watched a lot of 16 and Pregnant episodes right after my son was born. Every time the moms gave birth I bawled haha It was so goofy and I ended up laughing while crying because it was so ridiculous.

  6. Profile photo of Cherie Cherie says:

    a couple of months ago (perhaps more recently…darn “pregnancy brain!) it seemed like i could fit into all of my pants “last week” i went through 3 pairs before i found a pair that fit! i cried and cried

  7. Profile photo of serena serena says:

    those spca commercials really get me crying! my first born even cried with me when he was a baby!

  8. Profile photo of Phammom Phammom says:

    Haven’t had any yet. I’m sure I will.

  9. Profile photo of Constance Constance says:

    I completely understand the Tv crying moments…I cry during the entire episode of Undercover Boss! Every show and every minute of the show:). It’s just something about the hard-work of the employees and the heart touching things the bosses do for them. I cry with the employees at the end when the boss recognizes how hard they work for their company. I only cry on this show when I’m pregnant…that’s how we figured out I was pregnant with my second child…the title went across the screen and I started bawling and my husband laughed and said you’re pregnant, Babe…you want me to go get a test?


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