I Can’t Wait to Watch These Movies With Our Kids – When They’re Old Enough

If you have a little baby in the house now, you’ve probably found yourself changing a few behaviors which you never thought about before. Like watching TV while eating, drinking directly out of the juice pitcher, burping out loud, and letting foul language fly.

You also have to carefully watch your entertainment selections. Some shows and movies simply aren’t appropriate with little eyes and ears around. Of course, there are some movies they just wouldn’t understand and appreciate. But the day will come when you’ll get to enjoy your favorite movies with your child because they’re old enough. And won’t that be cool? Here’s a list of some classics that will become even better someday when you get to share them with your child when he/she is old enough. 

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Rocky – As much as I love the intersection of sports and movies, this 1976 Best Picture Oscar winner is less about boxing than you think. It’s more about an everyday guy seizing a lifetime opportunity at fame and riches while finding that love matters more than anything. Boxing is merely the backdrop. Rocky proves as much during the final scene when he could care less about whether or not he won, interviews with media, or even his completely battered body. All he wants is to see and embrace his loving Adrian.

Back to the Future – I often find myself telling my children, “I never did that when I was a kid,” or “I never spoke that way to my parents.” Then I almost immediately think of this clever story. I’ve already shown them the famous Johnny B. Goode scene and a few other fun clips. But it’ll take a lot of explaining the various jokes that have little meaning to children today, such as those about Tab, Pepsi Free, and Ronald Reagan. And yes, I suppose I did talk to my parents that way once or twice.

Any X-Men movie – I’m a sucker for nearly any superhero film, and the X-Men are among the best. There’s also plenty of positive messages about peace, tolerance, and working together. Even the bad guys join forces with the good guys in a later installment. But the intensity, some adult language, and heavy-duty violence have me holding back for now. 

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Mystery Men – Since I’ve fully disclosed that I’m a superhero fan, that’ll help you understand my love of this superhero spoof comedy film packed with stars that I like to think paved the way for the Avengers. You simply can’t deny the absurd characters with useless powers that unite to save the day. I can’t wait for our kids to see the silliness of Mr. Furious, the Shoveler, and the Spleen. And you thought Deadpool was funny!

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Someday, if any of our children decide to skip school, run around the big city in a Ferrari, and attend a baseball game (without me!), they’ll certainly be grounded forever. But watching the charming and clever Matthew Broderick do all this makes it genuinely OK. And that’s pretty much at the heart of why I won’t let our children see this film right now. I’m fearing they’ll think it’s fine to do all this, when in reality I mean something they can’t yet understand: “Do as I say, not as Matthew Broderick does.”

Which movies do you want to watch with your kids when they're old enough?

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I Can’t Wait to Watch These Movies With Our Kids – When They’re Old Enough

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