Walmart Promotes Lowest Prices with Gift Cards This Season

 Hold on to your wallets, holiday shopping moms and dads! This year, retail giants plan to utilize sales strategies to reel consumers into their stores for holiday shopping, which means consumers can expect to find some great incentive plans starting in just a few short weeks. (Yes, Christmas really is only a few months away!)

 Why the incentives? A study conducted by America’s Research Group showed out of 1,000 shoppers, 78 percent are more driven by sales this year than they were last. And retailers like Walmart are taking note, which means good news for us.

 I recently blogged about the comeback of layaway programs, making it easier for shoppers who don’t have a large chunk of change up front to do some holiday shopping and get it paid off without running up credit card debt.

 Now, stores are offering great sales incentive programs in an effort to lure customers in this season. Take Walmart. Starting November 1st and running through December 25th, if you purchase an item at Walmart and then find the item at a different store for a cheaper price, Walmart will give you a gift card in the amount of the difference you paid!


How does it work? Let’s say you buy a Barbie for $25. 

 Another toy store offers the same exact Barbie (has to be identical) for $15.

 If you take the receipt for the Barbie you purchased at Walmart and the ad for the lower priced Barbie into Walmart during the promotional time (Nov. 1-Dec. 25), and they are the exact toy, Walmart will give you a gift card for the amount of the difference ($10).  You don’t have to take the item back into the store; only the receipt and the ad for the other store.

 As always, some exclusions apply, including groceries, prescriptions, and plants.

 I’m guessing more retailers will jump on the savings incentive train, and I can’t wait to hear what they have in store for consumers. With so many people interested – and needing – to save money this holiday season, I’m hoping there are some spectacular sales and incentives to do so.

 What about you? Will Walmart’s savings incentive program make you more likely to shop the retail giant this holiday season?  

What do you think?

Walmart Promotes Lowest Prices with Gift Cards This Season

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