Victoria Beckham Forgets Her Son!

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Victoria Beckham may be married to one of the hottest men on earth and the mother of four adorable children, but as she tells Vanity Fair, she is not perfect. According to Beckham, she got up one morning and got herself, 9 month old Harper, and her three boys, Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 7 ready for the day. As she rushed out the door to get Brooklyn to school, she loaded Harper in her car seat, plugged in her iPod and started the drive. She says a few minutes later she realized it was too quiet and looked to the passenger seat to notice Brooklyn wasn’t in the car. When she arrived back home her husband David and the three boys were all standing there with huge smiles on their faces. She says she felt so stupid by forgetting the child they were actually taking to school.

I read this story on the People website and got a good chuckle out of it. I am pleasantly surprised Victoria Beckham even said anything about it; no one wants to point out their flaws. I think, though, that this story shows us that no one is perfect, even celebrities who have the ability to have the mundane things like school runs handled by someone else. It shows her sense of humor and ability to admit that she is not perfect, which in my mind portrays her in a favorable light as a mother and as a celebrity. Some commenters didn’t agree with me though. Many bashed Beckham for forgetting a child, saying they love their child too much to ever forget them. I don’t think forgetting a child has anything to do with love, we are human and can get frazzled and forget things. While I have never forgotten my child somewhere, I have made stupid forgetful mistakes in my five years of motherhood. At least once with each of my children I have forgotten to completely buckle their car seats or forgotten underwear when packing for overnights or gotten busy and forgotten to give them a dose of antibiotics. 

So what have you forgotten in regards to your child? Have you ever forgotten the actual child?



What do you think?

Victoria Beckham Forgets Her Son!

Heather Montgomery is a freelance writer with a background in Elementary Education and an almost embarrassing need to read celebrity gossip. As a work-at-home mom to three children, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She was married in 2003 and currently resides in Florida. ... More

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  1. Danielle says:

    never forgotten my kid but I have forgotten to buckle the car seat in and had it almost fall over with my daughter inside, gone to the store for diapers gotten everything but, changed a baby in my lap in the car and she peed on me, when my daughter learned to wiggle in the swinger (before I bothered buckling her in) she had almost fallen out of it when I was attempting to wash dishes so yeah every mother has her faults.

  2. Jamie says:

    Hes 13 I think he can take care of him self come on people. I have never done that but it happens to people but hes 13

  3. Kristi says:

    I’ve never forgotten my child before, at least her kids weren’t left home alone! I have forgotten diapers and wipes on a camping trip, and have had an escape artist child let himself out if his room, go outside, climb in the car, and eat a whole box of chewing gum. That was terrifying. Thankfully, poison control was helpful and available. I guess it happens to other people quite a bit too! He had an upset stomach and threw up but that was it. Now I have a bell on the door!

  4. nancy says:

    Not sure what to think or say about this. We are not perfect, I understand that part, but the children are the light of our lives. My world is wrapped around them. It hurts my feelings in a shying way if I am forgotten, I can only imagine what child would feel. Even if its not intentional.

    • nancyk says:

      I agree… How do you forget your kid?!?!?! She should feel stupid. I guess in one aspect it’s nice that she was human enough to admit that she had made a mistake, but what was she thinking in the first place? Obviously she needs to take a few moments to gather her thoughts (and kids) before leaving the house next time.

  5. Sarah says:

    No. I have never forgotten my daughter anywhere. However, I have forgot to strap her car seat into the car after washing it for a trip to the audiologist. I was horrified when she got out and the seat fell over. I just thank God that the drivers on the road that day were smart enough to know how to drive! Needless to say, it never happened again. That maybe a bit worse than leaving an almost teenager at home with dad. Also, I have overslept to pick her up from school. At least once a school year. She is weird enough that she liked it and told me to be late everyday. Everyone makes mistakes. And I only have one right now. I hate to see what happens when the second gets here!

  6. Kat says:

    First day alone with the week old baby. I got dressed, then fed and dressed baby. I got into the car and made it to the stop sign at the end of the street when I realized that I was alone in the car. I drove home and got baby off of the changing table and we proceeded to run the errands I had to do. It is still a story we tell and It’s been 30 years.

  7. Marie says:

    I think it’s great that she even takes her children to school herself. I’ve never forgotten my child, but I have forgotten to buckle him in and forget a school field trip. And I’m sure I would forget something else if I had four kids! I think it’s nice to know she’s a real human being!

  8. Bianca says:

    No big deal. Her husband was home. Not like she forgot them at the mall or something lol

  9. Lynette says:

    We all make mistakes I would of felt the same way but atleast you remembered

  10. Anarosa says:

    Nobody is perfect and i think 13 year old children should help mom a little too. 🙂

  11. Tara Peyton says:

    I was forgotten often as a child, I was the oldest, very quiet and I would poke around the house while my parents were busy fighting and wrangling in the boys. So by time they got the boys ready they would rush to the car and then realize they had forgotten me. lol. Sometimes I would purposely get ‘forgotten’ just because I hated riding between all the booster seats and being elbowed and having juice squirted on me.

  12. anncrusch says:

    Get over it ladies. The kid was 13 years old. Some responsibility lies with him. And don’t judge girls…remembering your precious baby wipes might be reason for a gold star but once you’ve been doing this for 10 years or more, all bets are off.

  13. laura says:

    My parents forgot me one Sunday when I was about five years old. I was locked out of the house while they drove off to church with a van full of my siblings. There’s nothing wrong with having a forgetful moment, we are human. Also it didn’t help that they had to deal with four other children at the time and I lagged behind.

  14. Tara says:

    I think it just shows she is human..which is nice to see

  15. i do not think i would ever forget my son he’s the whole reason my life changed but then again i can see why she forgot him she has more children and also might of had many things on her mind

  16. Layne says:

    Tia is different, I’m pretty sure that Brooklyn is one of the older children, and her husband was home. She may have reacted a lot differently to getting them in the car had the scenario changed. So far I haven’t forgotten anyone yet!!

  17. janet says:

    I have never forgotten my child maybe wipes but not my child

  18. elina says:

    i have forgotten to pack diapers in the diaper bag and to bring wipes

  19. Wendy says:

    I don’t think I’ve forgotten them anywhere, but once I forgot which one of us was supposed to have them, and I was terrified to call my husband and find out it was supposed to be me and I didn’t have them! Most frightening day of my life. I don’t think she should be bashed for this; after all, the kids are older, first of all, and second of all, David was home with them. No one was unsafe at any moment. Besides, Brooklyn is 13, for Pete’s sake, he’s old enough to notice mom is leaving and go jump in the car! LOL!!

  20. Kristen says:

    She is human! My grandmother forgot 2 of her kids at a diner on moving day(she had 7 at the time). My mom forgot my sister and i in a Kmart, mind you we were playing in the clothes racks like little kids do. I accidentally locked my car and my kid in the car! Luckily my husband was 2 minutes down the street and it wasn’t too warm or too cold out… We are all human and can be forgetful. It doesn’t make us bad people, or need to re-evaluate our diet. She probably had a million other things on her mind. And as far as the ipod comment if she is like me it is in the car/her purse. You can’t keep a kid in your purse! Stop judging, she is H-U-M-A-N!

  21. LMorin3911 says:

    My mom forgot my brother and I at a bank one time….. It happens.

  22. i really like Victoria and we have all done stuff like that, it’s called being.
    Iv done lots of stupid things in my time but ive never done anything like this, and ive been looking after kids since i was10 years old…not boasting or anything but reading all the things on here does make me proud to know that out of all all the mistakes ive made, and my illnesses ,ive never let my babies down.

  23. MarionMagee says:

    After my daughter was born 26 years ago i once went to the local shops and was walking home when I realised i was on my own and had forgotten her and the dog tied to the pram. My mother gave me such a rollicking about it I thought I would never hear the end of it . A few months later I came home from work and said to my mum were’s the baby .She nearly jumped six feet in the air and then shot out the door as she had done the same thing .When she got to the shops saw people near the pram and she nearly had a heartattack as she thought something was wrong ,all it was the baby was cying and the dog was attacking anyone who went near the pram lol I did not let her live it down.So even the best of us can be distracted and please do not make personal comments about people’s children as I think that is below the belt children have enough to deal with without adults ridiculing them


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