Adorable! Check Out These Sweet Valentine’s Day-Themed Pregnancy Announcements

Love is in the air all around Valentine’s Day! Couples everywhere declare and re-declare their love for one another, kids painstakingly choose Valentine’s cards for their classmates and, moms- and dads-t0-be share their good new with adorable Valentine's Day-themed pregnancy announcements. If you’ve got a little one on the way and want to share the news in a Valentine's Day-themed way, check out the ideas below for inspiration!

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Say it with a poem “Roses are red. Violets are blue. We have some good news we can’t wait to share with you!” The classic Valentine’s Day poem can be edited and personalized in any number of ways to let your friends and relatives know that you’re expecting. Pair the words with a classic ultrasound photo and you’ve got the perfect announcement!

Break out the balloons This Valentine’s Day, pose with a heart-shaped balloon as a clue that you’ve got a baby on the way. Snap a photo of you and your partner sharing a kiss or holding hands while you hold a balloon and add your due date to the text. This sweet snap is sure to get the people in your life excited on your behalf.

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Let a sibling share the news If you have baby #2 (or #3 or more!) on the way, letting the soon to be big siblings share the news is a classic choice. Put a Valentine’s Day spin on the announcement by dressing your kiddos in Valentine’s Day outfits, or letting them hold a sign that says, “This Valentine’s Day, Our Hearts are Growing Again!” Awww!

Use Sweethearts to spread the news This classic Valentine’s Day candy will bring sweet memories to anyone who used to pass them out to their classmates. It will also inspire an “aww” from all those who are looking forward to meeting your little one when they arrive.

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Do you have any Valentine's Day-themed ideas for pregnancy announcements? Share in the comments!

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Adorable! Check Out These Sweet Valentine’s Day-Themed Pregnancy Announcements

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