Unique Baby Names – Not Just For Celebrities

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A problem I’ve always had when trying to determine the perfect names for my children is this: I don’t want to give them names that already belong to people I don’t like. Now I’m not a person with a lot of enemies, so it’s not a hugely extensive list, but when it comes to naming the fruits of my womb, I want my decisions to be spot-on. Unfortunately, this deters me from almost every name, as I nearly always know someone who, for whatever reason, I feel couldn’t possibly share a name with my little angel.

This leaves me searching for more unique baby names. Now, I’ll be honest, there are some names that get thrown around where I live, in Idaho, that I feel are a little too jazzy. You know those six-names-combined-into-one-with-glitter-sprinkled-on-top kinds of baby names? Maybe you like those, I don’t know. All I’m saying is that it’s not just the rich and famous who get a bit too wild naming their kids sometimes. But, I do appreciate originality in naming children, so I’m always interested to hear how certain names came about.

According to this graphic and article, baby names go out of popularity as quickly as they come into it, and typically are consistently popular across most states. It seems that when it comes to giving our kids their lifelong labels, we aren’t too worried about how many other people will also wear that same nametag.

I thoroughly enjoying reading this article by the Huffington Post, titled “28 Very Surprising Baby Names On The Rise.” I even considered adding a few of the names to my own list of potential future baby names … but then I realized that they probably won’t be original for much longer, and I was back to square one.

To sum up, I’m probably going to end up having to name my children after fonts or something, to guarantee that they’ll be original. That seems to fit in with my writer lifestyle … right? I can just see it now: “Come on Papyrus! Helvetica is waiting for you to play with her!” 

All this baby name talk is making me crazy, I think.

What’s your opinion of unique baby names? How have you determined what your little cherubs should be called? Are there any names you think are just too original? Or too common?


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Unique Baby Names – Not Just For Celebrities

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  1. KT. S says:

    I like unique but then I think some are kinda crazy. My newborn I named Danette. It was my aunts middle name and my grandmother created it by smashing her two best friends names together. I thought it was a beautiful name and a great way to honor her friends. Now after this baby I have the next 4 babies names planned out! 🙂 Hubbie doesn’t know I have 4 more babies planned out! It’ll be our little secret.


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