The Ultimate Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Moms and Dads

Looking for an incredible gift for your spouse, or a mom and dad you know? Check out these great options to find the best gifts for the parents in your life!

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Best Gifts for Moms:

best gifts
Image via Dyson

When is a hairdryer not a hairdryer?  When it's a Dyson Supersonic.   It's a splurge, but when you can get a salon-quality blowout at home it is worth the investment – and will undoubtedly save money on trips to the salon.  Plus, this hair dryer is like magic since it's fast, quiet, and powerful.  Just be aware that if you have a daughter in your house she will likely try to claim it as her own at some point.  If you want your mom to have nothing but good hair days – and you want her to get them faster than ever – this is one of the best gifts for her.  

Moms are DONE by the time sun sets, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't look cute once the kids are down for the night.  Check out these adorable koala pajamas from LaurDIY that are super-soft and will allow mom to be both comfy and silly when she gets ready to turn in for the night.  (These are also a great choice for any tweens or teens on your list.) 


best gifts
Image via Bouqs

Plants from The Bouqs Company will outlive flowers by a long shot.  These plants arrive complete with a pretty vase and instructions about how to keep your plant healthy throughout the year – even if you lack a green thumb.

Mom may feel bone-tired on the inside but help look refreshed on the outside with LimeLife by Alcone skincare products that look and feel luxurious.

Moms have a lot of mending to do, figuratively and literally. The Eversewn Sparrow X is a next-generation sewing and embroidery machine that can help her not only hem pants and patch holes but personalize backpacks and create everything from heirloom quilts to one-of-a-kind gifts for friends and family. The Eversewn Sparrow X is not your mother's sewing machine and interfaces directly with a smartphone or tablet for embroidery design so you not just have a large screen to use for designing but can also walk away from your machine and still monitor progress.  

best gifts
Image via Summer+Rose

Summer + Rose has it all.  Let mom pamper herself with nourishing oil infused with rose petals to help keep her skin soft all winter long.  Summer and Rose also has a range of other gift-worthy beauty products.  


Jewelry is always a hit.  Check out this Jagger Necklace which will look great on any mom.   

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Beautiful, but sturdy, rugs are a great way to easily add style to any home.  Cute indoor/outdoor rugs like this one from Erin Gates by Momeni will stand up to kid-traffic yet help Mom keep the feel of a grown-up space. Available in a variety of sizes starting at under $40.00.

best gifts
Image via ISH

Mom may not have ever been in a pageant, but a new collection of make-up can help her feel like a beauty queen, especially after a sleepless night.  Check out the offerings by ISH, including the Ultimate Holiday Bundle, make-up cases, and more.  

Shoes, shoes, shoes!  Sneak into mom's closet and check out her size.  Then, order her a pair of functional but cute shoes like these from Bzees.  These are an especially good choice for any expectant Mom.  Other super-comfy, super-trendy shoes great for moms are JaVie Jelly Flats – mom shoes that don't look like mom shoes. Another fun option? Completely custom sneakers from SKOR, where you can choose Mom's favorite color, design, or even saying and have it printed right on her shoes.  All options run under $80.00.  

best gifts
Image via Stio

Moms love to be cozy, but not frumpy. This adorable fleece hoodie from Stio will keep mom warm while looking her best. It's a timeless look that will last her for many winters to come – until her daughter wants to take it for herself.  

Another cool phone accessory for mom? Check out this ISH lipstick portable battery.  Who says backup batteries can't be cute?  This portable charger looks almost exactly like lipstick, down to the removable cover to access the charging ports.  


Does mom always look tired? Check out this Pur Skin Infuser System that fits in mom's purse and uses a waterless system to refresh her skin.  It's a simple, soothing way mom can pamper herself anywhere, anytime.  

What mom doesn't want a little glamour in her life?  Make sure she is ready for her next night out with something special from House of CB, London. The mustard chiffon dress will make any mom feel like a princess!

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Best Gifts for Dads:

Dad wants to keep his family safe when he's not at home.  This  Guardzilla 360 indoor wi-fi camera helps ensure that dad can have eyes on the house at all times even when he can't be there through live streaming that allows users to see the entire room. It also comes equipped with night vision, a siren, and a motion sensor that can send alerts to your phone if trouble is detected.  This could also come in handy during the teen years!

Why get dad one coat when you can get him three in one?  The 5.11 3-in-one Parka Tactical Jacket has testimonial after testimonial about warm it is, even in freezing temperatures.  It's also waterproof. Even better, it looks cool and its features work well for a dad who wants to be able to do anything, whether it's with his kids or out on the job.  

best gifts
Image via Razer


Is dad a gamer?  A gaming computer may not be in the budget, but he can up his game with the bundle of Razer gear including headphones, a Cynosa keyboard, Death Adder mouse, and mousepad.  These don't just work really well, but they look cool, too.  

It's not unusual for moms to get body care products for the holidays, but dad could use some too. Check out the Art of Sport designed to handle the high-performance needs of athletes – or the high-performance needs of dads.  Buy products individually or get a bundle for the best value and nicest gift.    

Dads feel secure when they know their family is safe no matter what.  This Rescue Survival disaster supply it makes a fantastic gift for dad (or mom) since it's packed with supplies that are sure to come in handy weather disaster strikes or not.   The backpack comes with a complete first aid kit, emergency blankets, a lantern that doesn't use batteries or electricity, and more.  Dad may want to keep supplies at home and some in the car just in case.  He will never feel like a better protector!  


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best gifts
Image via Wilson Sporting Goods

Chances are there is some sport your dad has been looking forward to playing with his children.  Check out the affordable yet high-quality equipment from Wilson Sporting Goods.  Go for a basketball that dad can use for years to shoot hoops with Jr. or a football in either NFL regulation size or Junior size for smaller hands.  You can never go wrong with a gift that encourages both physical activity and some father-child bonding time.

best gifts
Image via Stio

Dad likes to look good but he may not always have his own wardrobe at the top of his list.  Get him a stylish and very functional coat like this one from Stio that is both waterproof and breathable so it's as good for every day as it is for extreme weather or sports.  

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Best Gifts for Mom and Dad:

S'well Water Bottle: Parents may always be sure to pack a sippy cup for their child but may not be so diligent about packing hydration for themselves.  S'well water bottles are the gold standard for a reason.  Bottles come in just about any color you can imagine and a range of beautiful styles.  Plus, they really do keep drinks cold longer and water tasting fresh.  

S'ips by S'Well also makes adorable, affordable, no-spill coffee mugs in a range of styles and sizes.  For something different, check out GIANTmicrobes for a Coffee Science Mug and caffeine molecule stuffie or the art mug featuring tons of colorful microbes to accurately represent what living in a house with kids is like.   

Photo Printer:  Chances are both mom and dad take a lot of photos.  Chance might be equally as good that mom and dad don't print many photos, whether they use their phone or a nice DSLR to take photos.  Change that with a great home photo printer like the Epson P600 that can be used to print photos of nearly any size from a standard 8×10 to a large canvas that will be a piece of art.  This printer is very easy to use and creates stunning art that can be used to prints for grandparents, family photos for home, or even print out large, high-quality prints for your child's room.   

Amazon Fire Stick 4g:  Want your TV to seem brand new without spending a fortune?  The Amazon First Stick 4g adds tons of apps and functionality.  It also takes away the need to work a remote – all you need to do is to press the microphone button and speak what you would like to watch.  Or, if you have a Dot nearby, forget the remote altogether and just ask Alexa to play your favorite show, show you the weather, or help you order a gift.


Air Fryer: We should all eat better, but it can be hard when fried food is so delicious. A gift the whole family can benefit from is the George Foreman Twist n' Crisp Air Fryer. Make french fries and chicken without any oil.  This larger model can cook an entire chicken to feed the entire family.  


best gifts
Image via Amazon

Multisport Trailer:  Something any parent of little ones can enjoy is a multisport trailer/stroller.  Check out this Thule Cheetah Chariot that works just as well for jogging as it does for taking children along on bike rides.  This trailer is super-lightweight and its maneuverability is unmatched.  Kids think it's really comfortable and absolutely love sitting in the trailer for rides.  It also makes a great everyday stroller that can handle any terrain.     

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The gift of good sleep is priceless. The Spartan Mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is a next-generation mattress that provides responsive contouring with a second layer added to keep you cool. A third layer adds deep contouring for muscle relief. Add on their super-soft microfiber sheets for pure bliss! The only bad thing is that it's so comfortable you may have an even harder time keeping your kids about of your bed.

Let mom and dad get cozy under a blanket like this super-soft knitted Lorena Canals one that is washable in case the kids do get their hands on it. It is beautiful enough to leave over the sofa in the living room or mom and dad can keep it all to themselves in their bedroom. Or, go with a weighted blanket. The benefits of weighted blankets are just as good for grown-ups as they are for adults. Stop stealing your kid's blanket and get an adult-sized version like the bestselling YNM weighted blanket.  Moms and dads deserve to sleep under a blanket that feels like a hug and allows them to wake up calm and refreshed.  


best gifts
Image via Nuna

Let's face it  – babies and kids ride in strollers but they are really necessary to make mom and dad's life easier.  Check out the Nuna Pepp Next, which might be the only stroller baby (or your toddler) will ever need.  This stroller is compact like an umbrella stroller, yet pushes as easily as a much larger stroller.  It even has features like a dream cape and full recline so it's suitable from birth and naps well into the toddler years.  Plus, features like a faux leather handlebar and a gorgeous heather gray frost color make this a luxe stroller that any new or expectant parent would be happy to receive on Christmas.  

Mom and dad may not live the most glamorous lives but their phones could use a little bling.  Check out these cell phone cases from Casemate that come in a range of styles from sparkly to mom to a built-in wallet for dad.  Turn heads with their balloon-dog holder as well.  Or, if cords are always a mess this Silk Cable Wrangler is a great choice to help all of those cords look neat and tidy in the kitchen, the bedroom, or on a desk.  


There is one thing every mom and dad want – a clean house with no effort.  It may sound like a pipe dream, but busy parents everywhere swear by robot vacuums for keeping their floors clean.  Set it before you leave and have a clean(er) house by the time you come home. Or set it to run via app when you arrive at work to come home to a freshly vacuumed floor. The Miele Scout RX-2 has the most advanced features on the market, including allowing you to create a map of your home to vacuum certain areas on demand.  Plus, it's nearly silent you can even run it while you sleep. 

best gifts
Image via Amazon

This can be filed under something you never would have considered a great gift before becoming a parent, but a deep clean carpet cleaner like the ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner is awesome for any home with four-legged pets and/or two-legged children who track in all kinds of messes.  Keeping carpets looking clean in a home with kids is always a challenge and anything that makes it easier for parents is a welcome gift.    

Most parents love the joyous sounds of their children… until they don't anymore.  The answer?  The Venue noise canceling headphones by SkullCandy.  These headphones can be used wired or wireless and can transport mom or dad to a concert or peaceful retreat by canceling out all other noise?  What a quick listen to make sure the brood is okay?  Just press a button to allow outside sound in – then go right back to focusing on your music.  

Many parents develop an interest in their family tree once kids enter the picture.  This DNA ancestry kit from National Geographic uses the same science National Geographic uses for professional research to trace your own DNA.  National Geographic even provides a personal video for sharing tracing heritage back as many as 500,000 years.  Kids will have the best family tree project ever after their parents get a full report.  

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The Ultimate Gift Guide: The Best Gifts for Moms and Dads

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