The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pregnant Moms

ultimate pregnant mom gift guide

What do you get the woman who has everything or wants nothing?

Many moms have a pretty short wish list — at least that's the way it is for me. My needs are simple and I have more than I could ever want. Pregnancy doesn't change this, at least for me, but Christmas is a great opportunity for dads, grandparents, and siblings to give Christmas gifts with extra sentiment or with comfort in mind.

Here are 11 lovely ideas for the pregnant mama in your life – some are easy, simple finds, while others are unique and take a bit more planning, they all make up our ultimate gift guide for pregnant moms.

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Who doesn’t love a fresh set of PJs under the tree? Comfort is even more important when you’re pregnant, so treat her to a new set of pregnancy pajamas for the holidays. Mom and blogger Rachana said cute PJs were on her list last year while she was pregnant with her son. “I got SO sick of wearing the same things all the time.”

This adorable dotted pajama set from Kohls provides comfort, warmth and a bright holiday color.

bola necklace

Bola Chime Necklace

Necklaces are a great gift for pregnant moms because one size fits all! A unique version of the traditional long necklace is a Bola Chime Necklace. Traditionally worn in Mexico and Bali, this small, decorative sterling silver chain makes a dainty ringing sound as the mama walks; according to some, a baby can hear the chime in the womb, and will become comforted by the sound after he or she is born.  If nothing else, this makes a stylish and timeless gift.


Image via Flickr/Schwangerschaft


After a baby is born, traveling becomes exponentially more difficult. Many moms want one last chance to get away before baby, and the holidays are a great time to book a “babymoon” for the expectant mom and dad. A relaxing spa vacation or a romantic bed and breakfast are both great options. Check out local B&Bs in your state, to find the best holiday specials.

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 “Help! I can’t see my toes!” If there was ever a time for a pedicure, it’s during pregnancy! Give the pregnant mom in your life the gift of relaxation and pretty toes (without her having to join Cirque de Soleil to reach them.) Visit to buy a gift certificate at a spa or salon near you.

ballet flats
Image via Flickr/OC Profashional

Stylish Flats

I’m a big fan of high heels – except when I’m pregnant. However, like many expectant moms, I’m not quite ready to move to house shoes or tennis shoes quite yet. Help her feel stylish and comfortable with a pair of gorgeous flats. Lucky magazine counted down the top styles in flats. You can also browse styles from Zappos – and the best part? If they don’t fit, Zappos offers hassle free returns.

old navy scarf


Scarves are the ultimate pregnancy accessory. New mom and blogger Stephanie said scarves were her “best friends” during her pregnancy. “I wore a scarf almost everyday – from preggo-related chest breakouts to just hiding the way the top of a shirt didn't fit unite right.”


Scarves are versatile, come in a variety of colors and styles, and will fit no matter how big the belly. One bright option is the gauze scarf from Old Navy.

birthstone necklace

Personalized Necklaces

Long after baby is born, potty trained, and eventually out the door on his or her own, personalized keepsake necklaces will still stay close to a mom’s heart. Etsy shop owner Studio463 has a variety of hand-stamped sterling silver necklaces, including this one with the birth month and due date, and another that can be stamped with baby’s name and birthstone.

Image via Flickr/
Image via Flickr/

Gift Baskets

If you’re the creative type, pregnant and post-partum gift sets are a great idea, especially if your giftee is newly pregnant or nearing the end of her nine months. For a newly pregnant mom, consider gifts like “preggo pops” for nausea, pregnancy books, cocoa butter, and chocolate. For the new mom (or mom about to pop), add items like a bright lip gloss, coffee gift card, breath mints … and chocolate. Add these gifts to a cute travel bag she can use when she heads to the hospital, and for an extra special touch, write a handful of inspirational notes or words of wisdom she can read when she needs encouragement.

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IOU card
Image via Flickr/ – My July

IOU Coupons

This gift is perfect for the crafty Dad – because DIY sometimes means even more than purchased gifts! Molly, a mom of two, said one of her favorite gifts during her last pregnancy was an IOU booklet from her husband. “Foot massages, breakfast in bed, and a few ‘I will get up with the new baby’ ones thrown in there!” she said. If you are looking for something crafty and you don't possess a single creative gene – check out the above find in the Etsy shop myjuly and another fun set of coupons from FlyTrapOnE.


nap sac

Travel Pillow & Blanket

Sleep is hard to come by during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester (when you stay exhausted) and the third (when you’re just too big to get comfortable). Jill, mom of one who just announced her second pregnancy, said sleep was high up on her Christmas list this year! For the pregnant mama who wants to catch a few zzzs when she can, wrap up a travel pillow and blanket set under the tree. The NapSac from the Container Store was designed for travel, but is perfect for the mother on the go. The fleece pillow and blanket is compact and small enough to fit in a large purse or diaper bag. The blanket has a pouch for glasses, a phone, or an iPad – and it’s machine washable for easy cleanup.

belly cast kit

Belly Cast Kit

Whether you embrace the bump or look forward to a thinner midsection after baby, you have to admit that having a pregnant belly is a unique experience. Some women love to show off their bumps, but for the less brave, we have the Belly Cast Kit. This version, from ProudBody, provides all the tools a pregnant mama needs to create a cast of her belly. The simple white material is enough to create the cast of a full torso. Plus, this is the gift that keeps on giving – decorate and use the cast as a piece of art you can enjoy for years. Hey, you can even save the actual wrapping for a wild New Year's Eve! 

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Sound off EF Moms – what are we missing from this gift guide? 

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Pregnant Moms

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