Two Men Lost At Sea Are Rescued

Two Men Lost At Sea Are Rescued Picture

After a weekend of fun, friends, activities, and errands, Monday morning usually slaps me in the face. Good news is needed on a Monday morning. With Tropical Storm Debby’s effect saturating the south, Colorado’s wildfires blazing, and DC’s power outages due to thunderstorms, it’s nice to read that two men, who were lost at sea almost a week ago because of Debby, were rescued by a Good Samaritan.

Vance Bryan, 48, and Gerard Chessher, 37, spent almost a week on a small, inflatable life raft before a Good Samaritan found them – dehydrated, but alive. Bryan and Chessher were presumed dead when their barge sank during the tropical storm (they were on their way to Cancun, Mexico when the waves from Debby became too strong).

According to the article, “Bryan and Chessher were picked up by the Coast Guard and delivered to dry land in St. Petersburg, Fla., early Friday morning.”

They were so lucky! In the midst of too much natural destruction, causing many families grief and loss, it’s great to find the glimmering positives – like this story.

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Note: Different sources have alternate spelling for Gerard Chessher's name (Gerald Chesher). We followed the spelling used by Huffington Post and ABC Action News.


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Two Men Lost At Sea Are Rescued

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  1. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    So glad they were rescued, this could have been a real tragedy.


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