She Had Twins At Age 60–On Purpose

In 2007, author and doctor Frieda Birnbaum became the oldest mother to have a baby at the age of 60. She even wrote a book about her experience, called Life Begins at 60: A New View on Motherhood, Marriage, and Reinventing Ourselves

And I suppose, honestly, this kind of news probably shouldn't even shock us because even a couple in their 70s recently became parents. 

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But every time I hear a story like this, I am still genuinely amazed that anyone could have the energy level to have children later in life. 

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I am 30 years old and I already feel like having children has aged me about 100 years. I honestly can not imagine being 60-years-old with twins. But hey, more power to her. If having kids keeps you young, then 60 is the new 30. 

In an interview, Birnbaum talked about how she actually didn't start her career as a psychologist until her late 40s and then, once her career was established, she decided to embark on the journey of motherhood. She had her sons through IVF and says that the experience helped her to live life on “her own terms.” 

She also claims in her book that having babies at the age of 60 gave her renewed purpose and energy, which in a way I can understand. I remember that my first daughter really felt like a redefining moment in my life. She pushed me to pursue my dream job and motivated me in ways I had never experienced. But still, that energy and motivation didn't last forever and now that my daughter is 8? Well, I'm freaking tired. I couldn't imagine having a teenager at 76, so dang, Dr. Frieda. You're the woman. 

I do love her message that it's never too late to create a life you love, however, and I think that's so important, no matter what age you have babies at. Some women may start having children later in life and some, like me, may have had kids right away and now find themselves struggling with the age-old question of who am I and what do I want out of life? 

The point is, I think parenting is never easy, but it can help to appreciate the gift of being able to have children in the first place. Because deep down, aren't we all just hoping to make it through and do our best? 

What do you think? Is 60 too old to have a baby (or two)?

What do you think?

She Had Twins At Age 60–On Purpose

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