New Twitter App Alerts You When Your Baby Needs a Diaper Change

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Can you even count the number of times you’ve been browsing through your Twitter feed and wished that a message would pop up and tell you your baby needed a diaper change?

Okay, so maybe not. But Huggies has invented exactly that with their new TweetPee app. Did you ever think the day would come when you could keep track of your baby’s urinary routine via social media? Either way, the day has come.

Huggies designed a small sensor in the shape of a blue, Twitter bird that attaches directly to your little one’s diaper. Every time the diaper is wet, the sensor detects a higher humidity level, and sends a message to your Twitter account, alerting you that he needs a diaper change.

Don’t worry, the whole world doesn’t need to know that your daughter wets her onesie twelve times a day. The app allows you the option to retweet—or not—the information publically.

The app is only available in Portuguese as it has only gone public in Brazil, so far. So English speakers will have to stick with the old-fashioned sniff test for now.

Another feature of the app is a diaper tracking system. It keeps track of how many diapers have been used, how many are left, and when you are due to purchase more.

Technology is amazing; there is no doubt about that. But I can’t help wondering if we are taking things too far. I don’t think I know anyone so addicted to Twitter that a wet diaper tweet would make sense as a first-source alert that changing is needed. Are we too connected?

If social media is beginning to take over of some of our parenting responsibilities, what’s next, a Twitter robot that rocks or feeds your baby when she cries? TweetPoop? Or maybe TweetPee is simply a convenience thing, especially for Twitter addicts.

What do you think? Is TweetPee a helpful parenting app? Or social media taken too far? Would you use it on your baby? Comment below!

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What do you think?

New Twitter App Alerts You When Your Baby Needs a Diaper Change

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  1. Profile photo of TwinMom TwinMom says:

    It sounds like parents should stop spending so much time on Twitter and pay attention to their child. A parent shouldn’t need an app to tell them when their child’s diaper needs to be changed.

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