Tuesday’s Top 10 – Best Baby Shower Gifts

We have all been there.  You get invited to a baby shower with the enclosed gift registry, which means you have to spend time shopping for a gift that is nothing more than a token present.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to buying gifts for people – but honestly, how many receiving blankets can one person use?  (I have, however, found out in the years since I have had kids that they do make great rags to wash cars and perform general cleaning with.) 

Admit it, baby shower registries are often unimaginative.  And they are laden with things that are virtually useless. Plus, many of the things that new parents want, such as bottle sets, pacifiers, or even clothes, don’t end up working out in the long run, which means a trip to the store for a return.  Blah!

So this Tuesday, it’s the Top 10 list of creative and useful baby shower gift ideas! 

And PLEASE…SHARE YOURS!  What was YOUR favorite baby shower gift?

  1. Name Jewelry.  If you know what your friend or loved one is going to name the baby, giving them a piece of jewelry engraved with the name makes a beautiful, lifelong gift.  Plus, it's something they will have for years and years to come and probably use on a daily basis.  At some point, they can even pass it down to their child.
  2. Diapers.  Diapers make GREAT gifts because we all know how much they cost.  But please, serve up some Size 2 or, even better, size 3 diapers along with the newborn sized ones.  It seems that new parents suffer from the "diaper money" shock when the baby is around 6 months old rather than right in the beginning.  Also, save ALL of those coupons you see for diapers and put them in with the baby shower card.
  3. A Bumbo.  These things have received all sorts of bad media attention, but normally it’s because some dumb parent tried to use it as a car seat or bath seat. (Can you say, “Parent FAIL!”)  Truth is, I loved the Bumbo.  Sure, you still have to supervise your baby – but it was a great hands free device that my infants thoroughly enjoyed.
  4. Everything a baby needs in the medicine cabinet.  Check out this article http://www.everydayfamily.com/newborn/health-and-well-being/newborn-has-a-cold/ for all the essentials.  I don’t know how many times I needed something in the middle of the night, only to find out I was out of it.  When all you can think about is feeding and diapering a baby, it’s easy to over look the common medicines and remedies you will need down the road.  This is a great way to help the new mom be prepared.
  5. A diaper bag, that isn’t.  Check out this diaper bag article and you will see exactly what I mean.  Get one that is monogrammed and that has some personality or flair so the expectant mother will be proud to carry it.
  6. A gift certificate for MOM for a massage.  The third trimester is no walk in the park.  Find a place where she can get a pregnancy massage OR a massage after delivery.  This is a fantastic way to treat mom, and remind her that she is important too.  Plus, who couldn’t use a massage?
  7. I think one of the coolest things that expectant moms do in the last trimester is get their bellies all painted up and beautiful.  Henna belly art is all the rage.  Get the expectant mom a gift certificate to have this once in a lifetime art performed.  It’s something she will never forget, has deep spiritual ties to Indian culture, is considered a blessing, and is tons and tons of fun.
  8. Gift certificates she can use ANYWHERE.  Look, cash and gift cards are NOT un-thoughtful gifts.  (Would you be offended if someone gave you some dough right about now?) Just make sure it can be used at a useful store such as Wal-Mart or Target, and that there are no fees associated with the card.
  9. Stock mom up on her favorite perfume or bath essentials. FOR HER!  Once the baby is born, she won’t likely be out shopping for herself much, and a little bit of perfume or some body lotion can make her feel great.  Especially after delivery.
  10. And last but not least, have her house cleaned for her while she is in the hospital having her baby so she can come home to a nice, clean, fragrant home.  Nothing is better than walking in the door with a baby and knowing that everything inside the home is caught up and clean.  And it just might be the last time she sees it that way in quite a long time.

So tell us!  What were your favorite presents, and what do you plan to give the expectant mother in your life?

What do you think?

Tuesday’s Top 10 – Best Baby Shower Gifts

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