Toddler Gear Must-Haves

Toddler Gear Essentials
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I have a confession to make – I love kid gear.  From infant gear to baby wearing gear, I love it all.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was itching to make a baby registry list.  I had my registry done around 20 weeks and added to it throughout my pregnancy.  Once my baby grew into a toddler (in the blink of an eye), I found even more gear to collect – toddler gear.  

The best thing about toddler gear is that it is much smaller than baby gear, but just as practical.  

Now three kids in I have more gear than I care to admit.  I mean, who really needs five strollers and three different booster chairs?  Me, but I digress.  

Here are the toddler gear items that make my life a whole lot easier.  

Image via Mindi Stavish
Image via Mindi Stavish

Potty Essentials

My least favorite part of toddlerhood is potty training. It's messy, emotional, and frustrating. On the plus side, there are a few products that will help ease the messiness.

Portable potty chair– We are a family that rarely stays home, so having a portable potty chair is a must. I can't say enough good things about the Kalencom 2-in-Potette Plus. This full size travel potty works on top of a full size toilet or on the floor for children who are afraid of the large toilet. Best of all, the potty folds flat for easy storage.

Wetbag– When potty training my first born I didn't leave the house without a wetbag. A wetbag is a waterproof bag that closes with either a zipper or a draw string.

Image via Mindi Stavish
Image via Mindi Stavish

Built-in potty seat– For at home, once my toddler got comfortable with sitting on the full size toilet we switched out all our toilet seats to the seats with a built in child seat.  The child seat is secured on to the toilet cover by a magnet, so when it's not in use it automatically attaches to the cover. These seats can be found at your local home improvement store.  

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Image via Mindi Stavish
Image via Mindi Stavish

Mealtime Solutions

Mealtime tools– Since toddlers are learning how to feed themselves, it's helpful to give them the right tools to learn with. Choose toddler sized utensils, bowls, plates, and cups to help them learn how to become independent during mealtime. Check out this extensive list for BPA free children's dishes .

booster seat
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Mealtime seating– Once your child has outgrown their high chair it's time to upgrade to a booster seat. My top must have functionalities for a booster seat are ease of cleaning and portability. My favorite booster with a three point harness is the Brica Travel Booster, because it collapses completely. My favorite booster for older toddlers is the BabySmart Cooshee Booster Seat. The seat is easy to wipe down and made from a type of material that sticks to the chair to prevent your child from tipping over.

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boon animal storage
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It is quite amazing just how many toys my children have and in every part of the house. Bath toys and stuffed animals tend to pile up the quickest in our house.

Stuffed animals– To contain the stuffed animal clutter I love the Boon animal oval bag, which amazingly stores the majority of their stuffed animals and does dual duty as a seat. I seriously love this product!

Bath toys– For the bath toys, I use the Boon Frog Pod Bath Scoop. The unit attaches to your bathtub wall with strong adhesive or screws. The scoop is removable and has holes in it so the water drains out of the toys, allowing them to dry off completely.

What are your favorite toddler gear items that make life easier?  

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Toddler Gear Must-Haves

Mindi is a working mom with three boys ages 4, 2, and an infant (born June 2013). She spent her first 8 years of her career in Speech-Language Pathology at a Children's Hospital. She currently works with adults and children in home health. The real fun for her happens when she is at home with her boys, chasing them around and pretending to be a super hero. She blogs about life as a working mom at Simply Stavish. Her weekly feature, Words in the Sand, teaches parents how to grow their child's s ... More

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  1. Profile photo of Shiloh JohnsonEditor Shiloh Johnson says:

    We love the Thermos brand insulated straw cups. They will keep milk or other drinks cold for 12 hours, so you can throw one in your bag when you head out for the day and always have a cold drink for your little one!

  2. Profile photo of Bethany Bethany says:

    I love the portable potty seat that folds. The stuffed animal bag that doubles as a chair is also great. 2-in-1 products are always a good thing!

  3. Profile photo of Phammom Phammom says:

    Good ideas. As a soon to be first time mom this helps


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