Should Your Toddler Be Taking a Daily Vitamin?

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Most parents of toddlers have spent at least a few hours of their life wondering if their child is eating what they need to eat to grow and thrive. From the toddler who seemingly only eats white bread to those that skip lunch every other day, sometimes it can seem that there’s no way their little bodies are getting what they need. When parents worry about nutrition they often begin to wonder if they should supplement their child’s diet with a daily vitamin. 

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Well parents, rest assured, your child is likely getting what they need from the food they eat. There’s probably no need for a daily vitamin. Many foods on the shelf at the grocery store are vitamin fortified (like that cereal your kiddo is always begging for). And many toddler favorites (like tasty fruits) are naturally packed with vitamins. If your child is growing normally and meeting their milestones not only can a daily vitamin be unnecessary, it can be potentially dangerous. Vitamins in mega doses can be toxic to little ones. And, even in small doses, there is the potential that they may interact with certain medications your child takes.

There are some instances where you may want to talk with your child’s doctor about whether a daily vitamin may be necessary. For example, if your child isn’t growing or meeting milestones appropriately, has a chronic illness that impacts their nutrition, or has a restrictive diet, such as a vegan diet. If your doctor does recommend a daily vitamin, consider asking them for their recommendation on which vitamin might be a good fit for your child. Talk with your child to help them understand that vitamins are not candy. And store the vitamins so that they are out of your child’s reach. 

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Should Your Toddler Be Taking a Daily Vitamin?

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