3 Ideas for Saving Your Preschooler’s Artwork

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The first time your preschooler brought home painted hand prints from school you probably gasped with excitement! You excitedly hung their artwork on the fridge. Since then, your little one has probably brought home at least one piece of art each school day. Perhaps even asked you to save countless more that they created at home. So, if you love your child's art but feel overwhelmed with the quantity, consider the following ideas for saving your kiddo's artwork.

1. Fill a binder

If your kiddo mostly brings home art from preschool, consider getting a three-ring binder and filling it as the year goes on. All you’ll need is either a simple three-hole punch or a large pack of plastic sheet protectors. Be diligent about putting their work in the binder each week, and you’ll be able to flip through and see the progression of their talent through the year. 

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2. Save it digitally

Consider taking a picture of the work and saving a digital copy instead of a physical copy. As your child grows, they’ll be able to click through the photos on your computer rather than digging through a box to look at their old artwork. Once you save a digital copy, you’ll also have the option to create any projects you might create with photos. This includes making calendars, coffee mugs, or postcards with images of their artwork.

3. Institute a 30-day policy

If your little one has a tough time deciding what work they’d like to save in the moment, consider designating an artwork bin. Put all art in the bin upon creation, then sort through it at the end of the month. Sometimes, a little time can help both you and your child decide which pieces of art are worth saving. 

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How do you save your child's artwork?

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3 Ideas for Saving Your Preschooler’s Artwork

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