This Is Why Your Boobs Look Awful After Breastfeeding

Full disclosure here: having four kids and breastfeeding them all has left me with some seriously damaged goods. I know that every woman and mother is different and I know they say that it's not actually breastfeeding that makes your boobs sag, but whatever it was, my girls are not in such great shape these days. 

I am only 30, so I can't completely blame gravity, but let's just say things are not what they used to be. 

I've never really been one to care that much about how my chest region was looking, but now that everything has shriveled up into raisins, I have to admit I am feeling — well, can I say deflated? Or is that too bad of a pun?

The point is, the massive fluctuation of gaining weight and losing it and breastfeeding through four back-to-back pregnancies did some damage on the girls and I know I am not alone there. It almost doesn't seem fair. If we do this amazing thing like feed our babies with our literal bodies, why couldn't nature have a system where in return, our boobs look fabulous? 


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And honestly I'm not really sure why they look so terrible after breastfeeding, but I also just uncovered a shocking reason why — and I'm not sure I'm glad I know now. 

According to New Scientist, our boobs (are you ready for this?!) actually eat themselves after breastfeeding. Basically, once you stop breastfeeding, your boobs go into self-destruct mode to get rid of all the milk-making cells that your boobs turned “on” as a result of pregnancy hormones. 

And although it seems insane and scientists aren't even completely sure how the whole process works, the normal skin cells in our boobs literally eat the dead cells that are no longer useful because they aren't making milk — and it's a pretty widespread deal. As in, there are a lot of dead cells that need to be destroyed. It's actually quite horrifying when you think about, but it also explains A LOT about why I am an entire cup size smaller than I was when I started having children. 

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Mystery solved. And I would say you're welcome but let's be honest — no one is really excited about this news, so instead I'll just say I'm sorry. Our boobs are now officially milk makers and basically transformers capable of destruction. Who knew? 

Did your boobs change after having kids and breastfeeding? 

What do you think?

This Is Why Your Boobs Look Awful After Breastfeeding

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