The Pregnancy Rollercoaster



You're pregnant. Congratulations. Now, please check your expectations and enjoy the ride.

You see, aside from The Motherhood Ride (which you are about to enter), The Pregnancy Rollercoaster is one of the wildest rides you could possibly take.

Let's start with the first stage of the ride, The First Trimester.

You will be absolutely exhilarated upon stepping in. You will want to shout from the rooftops about the pregnancy ride. Some of you may be holding that little secret close to you for a little longer, but let it be known that people may not know exactly why you're glowing, but they will suspect!

Oh wait, you do know that this is a rollercoaster, right?

Cue the nausea! The fatigue! The strange ability to smell something foul from a mile away! The gagging when you put a toothbrush near your mouth!

But hang on – you're now nearing the second stage of the ride, The Second Trimester. The ride evens out. The dips and hills are leveling out.

You're now sitting at the very top, paused, and admiring the scenery from way up there.

You feel more like yourself. Your energy has returned, your baby bump is finally showing, and people are not asking you why you have ‘gained weight'. You may be able to eat your favorite food again because you're not hurling, or better yet, discover some delicious, exotic combination of food you never knew existed before the cravings.

You're feeling GOOD.

All too soon, you'll be plunging towards the final stage of the ride, The Third Trimester. Now while this stage is technically the same distance as the other two, it can feel longer.

Towards the end, you'll be asking on Facebook how you can get off the ride, because by jove, you're done. You just want to hold your baby in your arms, not get your insides poked day in, day out.

You will also be begging to get off now, because OH MY GOODNESS, I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM. Only every five minutes.

However, it's not all doom and gloom. The last stage of this ride is also the opportunity for you to take stock, get through your to do list, your must-see places, catch up with the must-meet-people-before-the-baby-gets-here, and please turn to your right (or left) and see the man next to you? Your husband and father-to-be of your unborn child?

Grab his hand, squeeze it tight, and enjoy the last weeks of just-the-two-of-you-time.

Oh look – it's almost the end of the ride. It's coming to a halt. You can almost the touch the ground now (or feel those contractions!).

The Pregnancy Rollercoaster has stopped. Congratulations, you've made it this far.

Welcome to your new Ride, The Motherhood Ride.

Strap yourself in, this is going to be a BIG one. 

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The Pregnancy Rollercoaster

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