The Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2018

Fall means time to start thinking about candy and Halloween costumes!   It's not unusual for kids to spend weeks planning the perfect costume for Halloween – and changing their minds three or four (or 20) times in the process.  With some help from our friends at HalloweenCostumes.Com, input from our own children, and overheard conversations we have found the hottest Halloween costumes for boys, girls, and families for 2018.

Characters from movies, TV shows, and video games will be popular this year, as will retro costumes, inflatables, and costumes that showcase your child's interests.

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Image via Jamie Davis Smith, Aeromax Costume

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Traditional Costumes: 

Some costumes never go out of style!

  • Witch
  • Zombie
  • Astronaut
  • Doctor
  • Ghost
  • Police Officers and Firefighters 


Image via Jamie Davis Smith


When Mom and Dad are up for dressing up, it's bound to be a great Halloween for the kids. Here are some of the hottest ideas for family costumes this year.  


  • Black Panther:  So far Black Panther has been the hit movie of the year.  It's no surprise that Black Panther tops the list of popular costumes this year.
  • Spider-Man:  Spider-Man is a classic and his costume from Avengers: Infinity War is a popular choice. 
  • Dash: Parents waited a long time for Incredibles 2 to be released in theaters.  This year, Dash in his new super-hero costume will be out as a solo character or as part of a family costume.  
  • Catboy: The boy from PJ Masks who turns into a superhero at night will be out protecting the streets this Halloween.
  • Dinosaurs:  Dinosaurs are always popular, but this year dinosaurs from Jurassic World and inflatable dinosaurs will be out in force.
  • Fortnite:  Among the kids old enough to play, Fortnite has taken over.  Don't be afraid to mix-and-match pieces to make your child's favorite skin by using existing costumes like this white suit from as a base and adding details like a hockey mask.
  • Violet:  Incredibles costumes are hot for families and for Incredibles fans not part of a group costume. Look for Violet running from house to house this Halloween (although you may not see her!). 
  • Eliza: Disney's Z-O-M-B-I-E-S will make sure that undead out this Halloween is friendly, not scary. And Eliza is slated to be the Zombie you are most likely to see going door-to-door this year.  
  • Descendants:  The daughters of the princesses and villains are grown up enough to go trick-or-treating outside of the castle walls.  Look for plenty of little royals getting their candy this Halloween.
  • Wonder Woman:  Female superheroes of all kinds are growing in popularity and Wonder Woman tops the list as buzz around Wonder Woman: 1984 grows.  Other “she-roes” like Supergirl will be keeping trick-or-treaters safe this Halloween.  
  • Hermione:  Harry Potter and Hermione are popular Halloween costumes every year, but this year even more so as Harry Potter merchandise got a make-over this year and a new Fantastic Beasts movie is getting ready to hit the theaters.  


Image via Cricut.

Unique costumes with a personal  touch are always hot because they stand out from the crowd.  


Making costumes at home isn't for everyone, but for the right family it can be a fun boding experience to plan costumes and make them together.  Even if you aren't ready to take the plunge to go entirely DIY there are plenty of ways to embellish your child's costumes to make them unique and personal. 

Use tools that encourage creativity like a Cricut cutting machine or an EverSewn embroidery machine to make anything from store bought costumes to clothes you already have into a costume no one else will have.  Turn a simple fire fighter costume into something special by adding your child's name with iron-on vinyl or embroidery.  The same methods can be used to turn an old hoodie into a Miguel from Coco costume, old t-shirts can become pirate and mermaid costumes, a dress you already have can turn into a butterfly princess costume.  Another unique element to add to costumes is light-up patches that can be seen from at least a few houses away like this Sew & Glow kit

Looking for more ideas? Check out EverydayFamily's Real Family Halloween Costume Inspiration!

Image via Jamie Davis Smith

What Halloween costumes are popular in your house this year? Share in the comments!

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The Hottest Halloween Costumes of 2018

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