The Drug for Morning Sickness Returns!!!

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Once upon a time and long ago, pregnant women everywhere could turn to Bendectin when morning sickness struck.  Bendectin was thought to be a safe drug treatment for morning sickness; however, panic spread as hundreds of lawsuits claimed it was causing birth defects. And once the litigation costs became too high, Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals quit making Bendectin and for years, pregnant women everywhere continued to suffer, all “morning” long.

But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new version of the pill, “set to return to U.S. pharmacies under a different name – Diclegis – as a safe and effective treatment for [morning sickness].”

Whether we are pregnant or not, let us women rejoice! For the time has come for our suffering to cease. No longer will we dry heave into toilet bowls for 45 unplanned, inconvenient minutes; nor will we be forced to take unspecified amounts of B6 Vitamins while we suck on ginger lollipops, with no avail.

Why was this magical medicine taken off of our shelves (30 years ago!)?  

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According to this article, “the government estimates 1 in 33 babies are born with birth defects regardless of medication use during pregnancy, and studies eventually concluded that Bendectin didn’t increase that baseline risk.” In fact, when the drug began selling in 1956, the FDA said the drug was safe and 33 million women were thought to have taken it!

For many women, the first and second trimesters of pregnancy include missed days at work, missed time with their older children, ZILCH desires for intimacy and romance, immeasurable amounts of discomfort and disability, and much more, as an effect of morning sickness.  To think there is an actual cure for most of this is wonderful news! Of course, like any other medicine, every pregnant woman should research what’s in this drug and discuss it with a prenatal doctor, before deciding whether or not to take it. Still, I wonder … Has the time finally arrived for pregnant women to officially say “goodbye” to their toilet bowls and enjoy the early stages of pregnancy??? What do you think?

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Did you suffer, or are you suffering, from morning sickness?   Comment below!


What do you think?

The Drug for Morning Sickness Returns!!!

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  1. Adah says:

    Taking drugs during pregnancy to cope with morning sickness can harm you and your baby. Try something natural like no to morning sickness tea.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I essentially took this medicine during two of my three pregnancies, only because I didn’t know about it in my first. The active ingredients in Unisom and B6 combine to form this medicine, and my doctor said it was perfectly safe. I found that it significantly reduced the nausea during the first trimester yuckiness. It did not, however, reduce my vomiting, which lasts all 9 months. But every woman is different. I highly recommend this medication to anyone suffering with morning sickness.

  3. With my third child I was sick a lot. I couldn’t float in the pool, brushing my teeth was hard, mornings were blah. But I still wouldn’t take a pill to make me feel better. Unless it was an herbal pill safe for pregnancy or some natural ways of combating the sickness. To each his own. But not me. No thanks. I’d rather be sick and be safe(me and baby) than take a chance.

  4. janedoe says:

    I had terrible morning sickness through week 24 of pregnancy when I finally tried acupuncture because my systems were getting worse. I was throwing most mornings, some nights, had food aversions so there was almost nothing I could eat & lack of appetite. One session of acupuncture 90% cured me. It’s amazing! It’s a miracle. I can eat, I can get off the couch. I still occasionally get sick in the morning. I’m finding if I drink water or brush my teeth too soon I get sick. Coke Cola was my other vice, the phosphoric acid tames my stomach, so if I wake really thirsty I have a few sips of Coke before drinking water and I’m fine. Morning Sickness is absolute misery and I cannot imagine doing pregnancy to by body again. If this drug is truly safe then that’s awesome. It’s such a weird position to be in, barely functional, but worrying about drug side affects on your baby.

    The acupuncture took about 1 hr, made me really tired. I took a long nap,& didn’t feel any better. I woke up the next morning though and it was night and day difference. No instant nausea upon opening my eyes. The acupuncturist said she has success in most women past 14 weeks, prior to that the relief is just temporary, so it appears acupuncture only works for morning sickness that progresses past first trimester. I’m now 28 weeks and still have relief!

  5. Francesca says:

    If it’s safe and effective, then I might consider getting pregnant again!

  6. deborah says:

    With my boy I was hardly ever sick, but with my girl I was sick constantly. From the moment I was upright until I finally passed out at the end of the day. The entire pregnancy (and Lord have mercy on me if I had to get in a car, can we say pulling over on the interstate to barf every 5), but even knowing all that, I’ll probably tough it out next time. Not that this doesn’t sound great, and usually I’m usually not one of those "medicines are bad people" but new medicines with pregnancy seems risky

  7. Marlena says:

    This is not something that women should rejoice about! There was a reason it was pulled. This drug caused severe birth defects and studies have even shown that those effects are continuing to the next generation. In the last 30 years, there have been other medications that have proven to be effective without as big of a risk. Sorry, but the FDA just keeps losing my trust everyday.

  8. Sarah says:

    My "morning sickness" was from 6:30 pm to 7pm and after throwing up I was good till the next day around that time. If I had the severe morning sickness I would’ve tried to take meds but each mom has to decide for themselves

  9. Mindy says:

    Will my first pregnancy I was sick all day long, so the Dr. gave me medicine for it. My second one I was only sick tell about lunch time and I throw up once a day. This time I feel nausea in the morning, but have yet thrown up from it. It feesl more like car sickness this time around.

  10. AshleyJewett says:

    I had horrible morning sickness!

  11. I was prescribed a morning sickness pill named promethzine 25mg and it really does it’s job!

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