The Crying Game: One Mom’s Journey with Endless Infant Crying {Part One}

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Once Amelia began really whaling, she didn't stop for nearly two months.

At first, I was in denial. People hinted at colic. I knew what colic was, but was sure that my child didn't have it. I believed that her 7 hour crying fits were caused more by her personality than a physical ailment.

All babies are different, right?

But, as time went on, her crying got worse and I started to lose my cool. It was time to say something at my mom's group.

The next Tuesday morning I shared my concerns with my fellow moms. As I described what was happening, I could see eyes start to widen. People either looked shocked or sorry for me. The more concerned looks I got, the more I began to fear that there was a problem; that her fits of crying were not normal. By the time I left that meeting, I was desperate to find someone else in my boat. And so, at each group meeting, I listened anxiously  to each mom's share, hoping to hear a similar story of crying. It took a few weeks, but I eventually found another mom and baby who were in the same terrible predicament as Amelia and myself. But, unlike me, this mom seemed to know what was wrong with her baby. She said that her son had colic and that her doctor had diagnosed it. I left that meeting with a little bit of hope and an appointment to see my pediatrician.

My doctor's appointment did not go well. I had hoped to find knowledgeable doctors full of remedies for my dear daughter. Instead, I found out that  they don't know why she is crying and the name for not knowing is colic. My heart sank and my hopes died. My doctor gave me a few sympathetic pats and sent me on my way. I walked to my car with my head hung lower than I would like to admit with a screaming baby in tow. I felt completely defeated.

Getting in the car didn't do anything to help my daughter calm down. The index finger that usually calmed her (yes, I would reach my arm behind my seat and let her suck on my finger ) was not even making a dent in her blood curdling screams. I had a very sudden and very strong erge to drive my car into the side of my doctors office. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I closed my eyes and counted to ten. I needed a minute to gather my thoughts without a screaming infant in the back seat or an audience of nurses peeking out the front windows. So, I drove across the street and parked my car. It was time to do some thinking.

I turned my radio to a static station and turned to the volume all the way up. I put one window down and got out of my car. After a few moments of contemplation on what to do next, I began walking laps around my car. After about the tenth lap, I took my still screaming daughter out of her car seat and began walking around the parking lot. I walked circle after circle around that parking lot, trying to come up with a solution to our crying problem. By the time my daughter stopped crying and I had gathered enough courage to face the car ride home, I had reached a decision. Come hell or high water, I was going to find a way to ease my daughter's suffering…

Did you deal with endless infant crying? How did you go about troubleshooting the problem? What support did you seek out to carry you through?

**come back Friday to read part two where Samantha shares how she finally found a solution and as a result some peace for her as well as Amelia. 


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The Crying Game: One Mom’s Journey with Endless Infant Crying {Part One}

Samantha Chase is math major turned elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom extraordinaire. She spent three years studying mathematics at the University of Southern Florida before deciding it was time to make a change. She switched her major to Elementary Education and became a teacher. After graduation, Samantha spent 6 years (and a lot of sleepless nights) working in a high poverty school in the heart of St.Petersburg, Florida. She taught the first, fourth and fifth grades and lear ... More

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  1. I hope you got to check out part two! 🙂 It has been up for a while but you may have missed it. In part two I wrote about the solution to our problem, so you might find some relief in that!

  2. Panda Mills says:

    I am very anxious to see part two of this post, I have heard a lot about chronic criers and it is my biggest fear. In the past ten years I have cared for 3 babies and mostly been able to handle it, but over excessive crying plays my nerves. We are expecting our first, very happy, but nervous all the same.


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