The Crying Game {Part Two}: The End of the Rope and a Solution

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My mom's group was well aware of Amelia's crying problem. They had offered many different solutions many different times. Most of them I had heard before and already tried. When it was my turn to share this week, however, I really let loose. I finally let on that I wasn't okay; that Amelia wasn't okay. That we were both really, really not okay. I admitted that I was beginning to feel like having a child ruined my life and that I was a terrible mother. I told them that I had fantasies of just leaving in the middle of the night and never coming back; of abandoning my family. I was at my wits end and needed a miracle. As soon as I was done sharing, a slew of suggestions starting coming my way.

At first, all of the suggestions the moms offered I had tried. Some

people suggested cutting out dairy and soy. Others swore by reflux medications and inclined sleeping positions. Swaddling, pacifiers, swings, rocking and bicycle legs seemed to be among the most popular. I was growing frustrated and losing hope in a new solution. But then someone said a single word that saved my life: probiotics.

If there was even a snow ball's chance in hell that probiotics could make Amelia feel better (and keep me from driving us into a wall), I was in.

As soon as group was over, I drove to the health food store and bought my first bottle of baby probiotics. We started giving them to Amelia that night and within two weeks they began to work their magic. Amelia went from crying about 7 hours a day to only 2. A month later, she was hardly crying at all.

Having your child scream in pain and feeling helpless to do anything about it is a terrible feeling. There is not a day that goes by that I don't reflect on “the colic” days and how grateful I am that they are over. I feel so lucky to have had the support I did. I don't think that I would have made it otherwise.


Did you find an unusual circumstance behind your child's crying fits? What was it and how did you resolve the problem? Who was your support network? By sharing your story in the comments, you may help other moms going through the same scenario get through. 

A special note from our author: Thank you to ALL of my mom friends who offered me their support and sympathy during one of the most difficult times in my life. And, thank you mom for the countless hours you spent listening to both your daughter and granddaughter cry. You are all loved!

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The Crying Game {Part Two}: The End of the Rope and a Solution

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