The Best Easter (and Beyond) Gift Ideas for Spring

Whether you are filling up an Easter basket, planning for an upcoming birthday, or just celebrating the arrival of warmer weather, these spring-inspired gift ideas are a great place to start. 

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Nothing says spring like butterflies!  Check out this adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar Butterfly Growing Kit.  Kids will be amazed as they watch their very own caterpillars turn into butterflies right in their own backyard.  There is nothing like watching your children's excitement as they watch caterpillars turn into butterflies in their own home and what a great way to bring a favorite book to life!

Legos are always a hit with kids anytime of year, but kids will love this adorable LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Chick  that will not just keep your child busy while building but also provide some nice spring decor!  LEGO minifigures are also always a great fit and are the perfect size for filling Easter eggs!  Also check out adorable sets for under $10.00 that fit perfectly in Easter baskets like Unikitty's Sweetest Friends Ever or Spiderman's Car Chase.  

Babiators! are super cute baby sunglasses with 100% UV protection.  They just recently launched their newest collection, the Blue Series, featuring new styles and colors along with their limited edition spring colors! A gift that's adorable and useful is always a good bet.  


Help your kids experience the joy and happiness that comes from flying a kite with new kites from Antsy Pants. In flamingo, shark, and fish shapes,these simple single-line kites enable kids of all ages to experience the pleasure of kite flying for under $12.00.  



One of the hottest toys of the year is Beaker Creatures. These adorable creatures combine cuteness and science. They are perfect for Easter since the creatures emerge from eggs.  Check out cool science kits like the Whirling Wave Reactor and Lab Gear or go right for a few eggs that kids can hatch and collect.

Chickapig quickly becomes a favorite of nearly every child (or family) that plays. With chicken–pig hybrids attempting to reach their goals while dodging opponents, hay bales, and an ever-menacing pooping cow, learning strategy is fun.  It can be played with 2-4 players so it's a great choice for playdates or family game night. The game is so much fun it even spawned a book and Chickapig stuffie.  


This SmartGames Smart Car is a great gift for Easter that just may be the most interesting thing in their basket.  This car is filled with colorful blocks that can be arranged in different ways using guides that increase in complexity and can grow with your child. Plus, the cute car is just fun to play with!  

Nothing says spring like jumping rope in the grass! These adorable jump ropes have wooden handles that are easy for little hands to grasp and come in cute styles like mermaids, rocket ships, sharks, and ice cream cones.  

Putty is always a good gift to keep small hands busy and to help strengthen the muscles needed for writing. SuperCool Putty is even more fun. Turn down the lights and wait for it … putty that  glows! Or, choose Metallic Gold, Cosmic Hyper Bounce & Holographic options.


Boom Goes the Dynamite is a type of matching game with lots of twists that has been described as a game even people who don't like games will enjoy. This is a fast-paced game suggested for ages 8 and up where everyone has the chance to win.  

Go with a classic. Godiva's Limited Edition Bunny comes with a sweet treat and will be treasured for years to come. There is nothing cuter on Easter than to watch a child find their very own Easter Bunny – and with chocolate grown-ups can enjoy just as much.

Books are always good gifts, no matter what the occasion. National Geographic Books like the Little Kids First Big Book of ScienceExplorer Academy, and Kids Almanac 2020 will help keep kids engaged. 

Check out this adorable Narwhal from Wild Republic that any child will be delighted to find in their Easter basket. Narwhals not your thing? Check out bears, penguins, and more made with a special print on super-soft fabric. Try something besides a rabbit – the Easter Bunny won't mind.  


Did you know that Easter falls almost exactly between Halloweens? That means that your kids are likely tired of whatever character they were last year and are ready for some new dress-up duds. Check out for the latest in the newest costumes like Captain Marvel and stand-bys like PJ Masks, Deadpool, and Poison Ivy.  Getting costumes now means you can find great deals, plus you don't have to worry about your favorite being out of stock.


Ugly dolls are back! The fun plushies got a makeover and new launch ahead of the release of the new Ugly Dolls movie just after Easter.  Make sure your kids have the hottest summer toys early courtesy of the Easter Bunny. These dolls are so ugly they manage to be adorable while helping to teach kids that they are perfect the way they are, even if they don't fit the mold.


Once Easter rolls around it means summer isn't far behind. Check out this awesome Nerf SuperSoaker 4-pack that comes with a blaster for everyone in the family for under $20.00. This is one gift you will love once it gets hot.


Everyone loves games!  Try this Monopoly Deal card game based on the board game but that can be played in under 15 minutes. Or, get the latest and greatest Beyblades with the Burst Turbo and have an epic battle.


What are your favorite Easter gifts?

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The Best Easter (and Beyond) Gift Ideas for Spring

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