The Baby Box: Everything Baby Could Ever Need – All in a Little Box

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Babies love playing in boxes. In fact, I think if we were all 100% honest with ourselves, we'd all admit that we love boxes. But sometimes, a box can offer quite a bit more than just temporary fun or a sled that Dad can drag around the carpet.

Babies are little people with itty bitty needs, like little, tiny shoes, shirts, diapers – even their stomachs only require a little bit of food – but they have really BIG needs. What do I mean by that? Well, if you’ve had a baby before, you know that welcoming a new human being to your home is a big deal, and it can be a relatively big expense. You've got to buy a crib, diapers, clothes, diapers, bottles, a car seat, a bib, diapers, a towel, and any other thing that Mom or Dad deems “cute.” 

Unfortunately, there are many parents that can't afford even the most inexpensive of things. Diapers can prove to be pretty costly, and it seems like crib prices are on the rise, too, especially since so many are being recalled for safety issues. 

Enter the baby box. 

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The baby box is a small box that is big enough to hold a baby. No, the box isn't that size so that you can ship your baby off to Neverland if he's been too colicky. The Baby Box is a parcel that contains all of the needs that your newborn baby may have — things like “clothes, a towel, a quilt, diapers, bibs, a book, and a toy.” On top of that, the box that is used to carry all of the baby necessities is actually a small bed that's outfitted with a mattress and everything.

According to an article published by, Baby Boxes have been a thing since 1938 — presumably because of the dire circumstances that arose because of the worldwide economic depression. The box originated in Finland with the purpose of “[reducing] an alarmingly high infant mortality rate among low-income families.” With a place to sleep and other must-haves that the Baby Box provided, the infant mortality rates in Finland dropped, which is really cool.

In that same article, author Anita Kulick references a study that the Canadian government will be putting together. Relatively speaking, Canada does quite well when it comes to infant mortality; only 4 in every 1,000 live births result in death before age one. Don't get me wrong, those four babies are extremely important, but collectively speaking, Canada does a pretty good job. That being said, it says a lot about Canadians if they are willing to find ways to lower their already low rate.

The Canadian government will sponsor a program that will be providing Baby Boxes for parents-to-be. When said parents approach the due date of their unborn child, they will be invited to stop by a government-run parenting clinic, where they will receive their Baby Box. Something else they will be trying will be a mentoring program. Along with the Baby Box, parents-to-be will be provided with a connection to a mentor who lives in their community. The mentor will be available for any support that the parents or the upcoming baby may need. 

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Pretty cool, right? What do you think about this? Is this something that you'd be willing to take a tax hike for? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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The Baby Box: Everything Baby Could Ever Need – All in a Little Box

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