The Apptivity Seat: The Newest Member of the Ridiculous American Inventions Club

Nothing says America like items that change the way we live our lives–bifocals, television, zippers, cordless phones, airplanes; nothing says ‘Murica like Sloppy Joes, Super-sized meals, NASCAR, football, and beer; and absolutely nothing says “typical America” like Snuggies, the Abhancer, the Ostrich Pillow, and the newest abomination to the never-ending list of ridiculous inventions, I introduce you to the Apptivity Seat.

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Just pause for a second, and let your bewilderment run its course.

What are your first thoughts?

Would any of these thoughts include “why on earth would a baby need an iPad?” “Why is that thing so ridiculously close to the baby’s face?” or “What is this world coming to when we are giving our children a tool to create unhealthy introverts at an early age?”

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I’m sure the list is endless, but I think they could all be summarized by saying, “What in the world!?”

What happened to all of the jingly and shiny toys that kept babies appeased while mom or dad got some stuff done? I think I survived perfectly fine with my colorful toys and pacifier. But babies are a changing breed, right?

No, I don’t really think so. Despite my little experience with babies, there are just a few things that babies need. Apart from food, a clean diaper, and hours upon hours of naps, babies need attention, babies need nurturing, and babies need age-specific entertainment. iPads, unfortunately, don’t give any of that.

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The only thing that an iPad would give to a baby would be a prescription for coke-bottle glasses and massive headaches.

I do not stand alone in thinking how I do about this ridiculous bouncy chair. If you take a look at some of the product reviews online, the same sentiment that I have is widely shared. Just for your reading pleasure, here is one of my favorite reviews that I saw:

This is a fabulous product, I don't even have to look at my baby. No need to wait till my child is crawling around to draw them into a television or computer screen, I can introduce it to them as soon as they are born. I wish they would add a bottle holder to this seat that way I could just feed them as they stare at a screen. I love how close the screen is to the baby's face that is awesome. I do wish they could add a head set feature as I don't want to hear any sounds from my child. I only want to be able to take photos of my kid for Facebook. Please read this review with sarcasm.

So what do you think? Do you think this has got nothing but problems written all over it, or do you think that it has the potential to have positive effects on your baby?


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What do you think?

The Apptivity Seat: The Newest Member of the Ridiculous American Inventions Club

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  1. tangled says:

    Right on!! Ridiculous is not enough to describe this seat

  2. April says:

    That’s a pretty insane idea. “Oh hey let’s put a giant iPad ten inches in front of the baby’s face, oh and let’s strap the baby in and make sure he/she can’t go anywhere.”
    I wonder if people actually will buy this for their five month old baby. Crazy.

  3. Ian says:

    The baby wants to use whatever you are using. An iPad with a million colors? Why wouldn’t a baby want to use one?

  4. Samantha says:

    This is insane I mean why in the world would you do this for a baby? I think that kids should learn to play outside and be without technology until they absolutely need to use it.

  5. Bethany says:

    I don’t understand the need for this. Like the article says . . . What in the world?

  6. elizabeth says:

    computer technology should not be used to try and improve baby furniture, babys should be held not be put in a seat to look at a screen

  7. gfeld says:

    Right on!! Ridiculous is not enough to describe this seat.

  8. Timothy says:

    I am thinking this would be a cool gift…


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