Hot, Tired, and Huge? Check Out These Tips for Surviving a 3rd-Trimester Summer

The third trimester of pregnancy is a challenge no matter when it may fall during the calendar year. With swollen hands and feet, an aching back, and a bladder that can’t seem to hold more than a few ounces of liquid, the third trimester is known for being more than a little uncomfortable. When your third trimester falls during the summer months though, you’re in for even more discomfort. If you’re having a baby late this summer or early in the fall, check out the tips below to help you survive a third-trimester summer!

third-trimester summer
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Dress comfortably

During your last trimester, you might start to care less and less about how put-together your outfits are. When you're experiencing a third-trimester summer, you shouldn’t feel bad about prioritizing comfort and coolness as you’re getting dressed in the morning. Choose sundresses, flowing tops, and shorts or leggings. Pair your outfit with some comfortable sandals and your ensemble will be cute and comfortable.

Hit the pool

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot, third-trimester summer day than easing yourself into the cool water of the local pool. Grab your partner and a friend, pack your pool bag, and spend the afternoon relaxing somewhere cool.

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Stay hydrated

During the summer months, it’s easy to become dehydrated. When you’re pregnant, becoming dehydrated can cause serious problems. Drinking lots of water will not only ensure you avoid the dangers of dehydration but also help keep your body feeling cool and comfortable.

Blast your air conditioning

During a third-trimester summer, you might need to get used to an off-the-chart electric bill. When the nights get hot it’s okay to do what you need to do to stay cool.

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Hot, Tired, and Huge? Check Out These Tips for Surviving a 3rd-Trimester Summer

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