Surveillance Cameras Put in Bathrooms at British Schools

Surveillance Cameras Put in Bathrooms at British Schools Picture

In Britain, more than 200 high schools “have installed surveillance cameras in bathrooms or locker rooms,” according to an AP article.

This means that more than 100,000 cameras are currently surveying Britain’s teenagers on a daily basis.

At the King Ecgbert School, Principal Lesley Bowes said that the cameras are there to “keep her students safe … It’s a way of safeguarding our children.”

Bowes suggested that the footage from her school’s cameras is an anti-bullying tool, only reviewed if “wrongdoing” is suspected.

It was also noted that there are surveillance cameras placed in many of the schools’ changing (locker) rooms too – to help control the “typical teenage stuff.”

According to the article, “It isn’t clear where in the bathrooms all those cameras are being placed, who is watching or whether any youngsters have been taped in states of undress.”

Apparently, in “most exceptional circumstances,” it’s legal  –  in Britain – to record in bathrooms or changing rooms.

In the U.S., however, “the use of video cameras in schools in generally not allowed in places where there is ‘reasonable expectation of privacy,’” according to the Justice Department.  (We just have metal detectors at the entrances of our schools, instead.) But, should we be following in Britain’s footsteps? Would this help to stop the bullying problems many U.S. schools are facing?

If you found out that the same thing was happening at your child’s school, would you view it as an additional safety measure and feel relief? Or, would you feel that your child’s privacy has been invaded?

Please share your opinions – I’d love to know what you all think!! High school surveillance cameras – good idea, or bad?

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What do you think?

Surveillance Cameras Put in Bathrooms at British Schools

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  1. Profile photo of ErinF ErinF says:

    Ehhh, recording kids in the bathroom or locker room sounds like a very bad idea to me; I can see this system getting majorly abused. I understand the need to curb bullying (are these locations typically the setting for bullying? I was bullied quite a bit in middle school, and most of it took place in the hallways or classrooms), but better adult supervision would be a better option than video surveillance of areas where minors get undressed.

  2. Very touchy subject. It would be great if they caught the people that were bullying, but I think it’s an invasion of privacy. Probably not a good idea.


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