The Surprising Reason More Sex Boosts Your Chance Of Pregnancy

When I was writing this headline, all I could think about was how ridiculous it sounded. Something along the lines of, Guys, Guess What? Sex Leads To Pregnancy! or More Sex = More Chance of Getting Pregnant. 

Well, duh, sex can lead to pregnancy. We know this and I definitely know it now, even my 21-year-old self didn't exactly heed the warning. Ahem. But a new study found that more sex could increase a woman's chance of getting pregnancy for a rather surprising reason — because more sex actually boosts her immune system.

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Essentially, one study found that having sex at certain times during a woman's cycle boosted her immune system, activating specific immune system cells that helped defend her body against harmful bacteria or viruses that might prevent her from getting pregnant. Women who had more sex also had lower types of cells that helped make sure the woman's body didn't actually attack the invading sperm. Interestingly enough, the study also found that the same cells responsible for helping her get pregnant naturally were also activated with condom use. Something they should put on the boxes, perhaps? 

Taken all together, the study suggests that with the “activation” of sex at key times of the month, the woman's body primes her immune system to not only help her get pregnant, but have a healthy pregnancy as well. 

And the benefits don't just extend to women getting pregnant the old-fashioned way. 

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Another study in Fertility & Study found that couples undergoing IVF to get pregnant had higher success rates for pregnancy if the woman's immune system was boosted before the IVF process. Essentially, by some process doctors don't fully understand just yet, when a woman's immune system is in tip-top shape and activated, it somehow affects her eggs and the embryos that result from women have immune system activation actually end up being more viable when she goes through IVF. Put more simply, if her immune system is “activated,” her chance of having a healthy embryo through IVF appears to be higher. 

I guess the moral of the story here is pretty simple. If you're trying to get pregnant, more sex might be a good thing and not just “saved” for when you're most fertile. And if you're just trying to boost your immune system to avoid the next cold and flu season … well, you know what to do. God speed. 

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The Surprising Reason More Sex Boosts Your Chance Of Pregnancy

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