How to Be a Supermom Even When You’re Supertired

By now, you have probably seen the picture of the “supermom” seen `round the world, the now famous sports medicine doctor who carried her three-year-old daughter on her back to work when her babysitter canceled. Oh, and she's 35 weeks pregnant. 

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She's been lauded as a “supermom” and a hero and all sorts of other inspiring things and while on one hand, I 100% support that and am genuinely happy for her and think it's awesome and she's awesome and yay moms … on the other hand, let's be real:

Not all of us feel like supermoms. Heck, not all of us even want to be a supermom like that. 

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So if you're like me and just feeling downright tired right now, tired from motherhood and trying to juggle everything, and tired from some hidden hurt and pain in your life right now, and tired from pregnancy or not being able to be pregnant, or tired from having multiple kids instead of one that may or may not be strapped to your back, let me just say, I feel you. I feel you so hard. 

We can give major props to the supermoms in our lives and heck, we can even give major props to all the times we have been supermoms. Because I believe we all have our moments. But there are also moments when we just have to put down our capes for a little while. And that's OK too. If you're having one of those moments, keep this in mind:

It's OK to let your guard down for a minute. I don't know about you, but as a mom, I often feel like if I relax for even two seconds our worlds will come crashing down. Like if I don't keep up on the school paperwork it will drown me, or that the laundry might come alive and eat me in the middle of the night, or that if I don't plan all the nutritious meals my kids will have horrible health consequences. But everyone needs a break sometimes and, for moms especially, I think that break sometimes needs to be just a mental one, where we stop trying to plan everything so perfectly for 5 seconds, you know? I think we forget sometimes how much emotional energy we spend just keeping life running for everyone else and it's important to honor that exhaustion when it happens. 

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It's OK to spoil your kids. I'm not talking about sending them to Disney or buying them toys or showering them with presents. I'm talking about just enjoying them. I know I worry so much about doing all the right things for them that sometimes I forget to just sit down and do a puzzle with them or forget the screen time rules and just snuggle and watch a movie. Spoiling them with love is not going to hurt.

Just focus on one thing you can do well right now. In the seasons when you're super tired, don't beat yourself up for everything you're not doing because it's so overwhelming. Focus on the ONE thing, even if it's literally just one thing like holding your baby all day to keep him content, that you are doing well. Because you and I both know there is something you are doing well and right now that can be enough. 


Let yourself off the hook now as an investment in the future. I've spent a lot of time worrying about things in the moment, like how much a babysitter might cost or how awful it is I can't keep my house clean or how ridiculous it is to be so tired all the time. It can be so hard to remember the fact that everything is a season in parenting. Letting yourself off the hook in the survival seasons is an investment in the future when you will be more well-rested or have more energy (or have time to shower). For the love of all that is good, don't beat yourself up about not being able to do all the things all the time. Because that's just how life works right now. 

If you are rocking life as a supermom right now or if you're super tired with your supermom disguise on like a cape, it doesn't matter. Because you're still rocking motherhood. 

What tricks do you use when you're feeling anything but super as a mom?


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How to Be a Supermom Even When You’re Supertired

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