This Supermodel is Expecting Her Fifth Baby

I'm secretly obsessed with moms who have a lot of kids. Wait, that sounds really weird. What I mean is, I'm obsessed with finding moms with a lot of kids who show me I'm not insane for having four kids. Yeah, that sounds better. 

And although I try really, really, really hard not to, it's hard not to get swept up in a comparison game of “which mom looks better” or “which mom actually looks put together” or “which mom is totally handling it better” when it comes to popping out kids one after another. 

Admittedly, I'm not a mom who looks better, more put together, or handles it better, so I'm on the losing end of the game if there ever existed one. But one woman who definitely is on my list of “mom of many” that I'd like to be someday when I grow up (ha) is Natalia Vodianova, 33, who is a supermodel currently pregnant with her fifth–yes fifth–child. 

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Image via Intsagram/ @natasupernova

Natalia is not just a pretty face. She's the founder of an app called Elbi, which apparently works by matching do-gooders to creative projects that make a difference. You can “doodle” a picture, for example, and digitally send it to a hospital to help cheer up a sick child. And she also founded Naked Heart Foundation, which helps traumatized or mentally ill children and their families. Goodness, I feel inadequate now. 

Unfortunately for me, I don't speak Russian and can not understand a word of the model's Instagram account, but it was still fun to gawk at pictures of her adorable family. And fortunately for me, the supermodel did an interview with Elle magazine, which helped make my stalking much more accessible. I learned a few tidbits about her life, including:

She believes in letting kids be kids. The mode explained to the mag that growing up, she never had a park to play at and with a sister who had special needs, it made just playing outside a little more challenging for their family, so today, she's dedicated to helping create safe and fun places for all children.

She loves Instagram. Join the club, Natalia. 

She knows Leo. As in, DiCaprio. 

She hates the awkward in-between stage of pregnancy. You know, the one in the beginning where it's hard to tell if you're pregnant or just really love fries? 

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Even supermodels have a hard time being pregnant sometimes, who knew? 


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This Supermodel is Expecting Her Fifth Baby

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