The Super Fertiles – Nothing Can Stop Them from Getting Pregnant!

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Can you imagine living a life where pregnancy is inevitable, no matter what precautions are taken?

Elizabeth can.

While tracking her ovulation and refraining from sexual intercourse during prime days, Elizabeth got pregnant with child #1. Afterwards, she didn’t do anything to prevent pregnancy, and she got pregnant with child #2.

These accounts don’t seem too unlikely, but what follows is almost supernatural.

After child #2, she got an IUD … and became pregnant with child #3. So, with no desire for additional children, she finally got a tubal ligation. And then Elizabeth became pregnant with child #4.

Her tubes had been cauterized! The odds weren’t perfect, but I’m sure Elizabeth wasn’t envisaging four unexpected pregnancies during her lifetime.

“My original tubal ligation was a ‘cut and burn’ kind; the doctor removed a roughly half-inch section of each tube and cauterized the open ends, from what I recall,” Elizabeth said.

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She lost the fourth pregnancy, and found herself relieved and angry.

In her personal blog, Elizabeth wrote, “I now have no idea what to do with myself. I'm thinking of making a cape for me, emblazoned with ‘Super Uterus,’ and a cape for Nate [her husband] emblazoned with ‘Super Sperm’ and we could be some kind of super heroes. We could fight crime! Or better yet, we could spread our excessive fertility to others. The Super Fertiles!”

The pregnancy rate for women with an IUD is 3 in 1000, per year (about the same as tubal ligation).

Women struggling to conceive may find her anger against the unwanted pregnancy and relief for the miscarriage to be a bit harsh, but I feel that her honesty is more refreshing than maliciously minded. I actually agree with her state of mind when she wrote:

“There are people all over this world, today, in this moment, who would give anything to have even one child, and I have done everything short of resorting to abstinence within my marriage and I still cannot keep from getting pregnant. What cruel, unfair distribution to those who want to be pregnant and have children and are struggling to or never will. I know some of those people. I have seen the tears and bottomless pain in their eyes, and it does not land on me lightly.”

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After all of this, her husband got a vasectomy; but their fear is not completely erased. And it’s no wonder: one has a Super Uterus, and one has Super Sperm. The odds aren't in their favor.  For now, Elizabeth is simply waiting. Waiting for the day she won’t fear “that if Nate breathes on me, I'll get pregnant.”

It’s a shame that there aren't real Super Fertiles in this world, eager to bestow fertility upon those individuals who are pleading for a child.

Were you surprised with an unexpected (or unwanted) pregnancy?

What do you think?

The Super Fertiles – Nothing Can Stop Them from Getting Pregnant!

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  1. OY, I can relate. I have become pregnant on the pill and patch. Hubby had a vasectomy 2.5 years ago and found out we are 16 weeks pregnant with #5 yesterday.

  2. KELBA5 says:

    Oh how i can relate too.. this is pregnancy #6 for me. I have 4 children, we lost the 5th towards the beginning, & im over half way to my 6th precious baby. Even through the pill & some planned abstinance im very fertile. I count each of my children as a blessing, but my DH will be getting the snip snip after this one.

  3. mommymormor says:

    I can relate! I’ve gotten pregnant twice using the pill, once using the pill, and I was on the shot but I just found out that I’m pregnant again. I’m not sure what steps I’m going to take after I have my last baby. Four kids is my limit!


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