Summer Sanders and Other Real Moms Share Spring Break Tips

Spring break is a popular time for family getaways, helping break up that long stretch between shoveling snow and summertime. A recent AAA survey found that two-thirds of Americans cite quality time with family as the most important part of a vacation. Family vacations can have such an impact and form memories for a lifetime. Where can you go that will help you create fond memories?

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Spring break for the family who doesn’t like to travel

Try a stay-cation! Instead of spending money on airplane tickets and hotels, stay home and spend travel money on fun! Make it special by eating out all week and doing some of the things you don’t have time to do every day. See movies in the movie theater. Go to the zoo or museums. See a play or musical for some live theater. Play sports outside in the park or go see a live soccer game.

Natalie S. and her family like to avoid the stress of traveling. So they stay home. “We get the grandparents involved so that we get some quality time with them, and some quality time alone.” Start the day with pancakes for breakfast and a family trip to the zoo. End it with an early dinner, then grandparents take Baby Henry home so mommy and daddy can go out to for drinks, dancing, and theater. All week long. “Plus,” Natalie added, “With the money you save by staying home you can buy a cute new outfit as well!”

Spring break for the family who loves the outdoors

Go camping! Go hiking! Or go skiing! It kind of depends on the weather in your area or if you’re traveling a bit to find your outdoor activity. But getting outside and back into nature is a great way to spend Spring Break. 

Heather C. and her hubby love to ski, and now that they have a baby they make sure they take turns. One of them will go skiing for the day. And the other will spend the day with Baby B, sledding, hiking, or building snowmen and making snow angels. Sometimes they can get the in-laws to come along, too. Then they can even hit the slopes together while the grandparents enjoy hot cocoa in the lodge with Baby B.

Spring break for the family who loves to surprise

Plan a road trip that ends in a wonderful surprise. Tell your kids you’re going on a road trip, then end it at Disney World! Or the Grand Canyon! Or Legoland! Even Harry Potter World! Whatever your family interests are, these days there’s a fun place to surprise the kids with. You can also make a lot of fun, sightseeing stops along the way. 

Ann R. and her husband liked to pretend their trips were boring to really surprise their kids by the end. “We’d stop a fresh fruit stands along the road and little antique stores on the way to Disneyland,” Ann said. “Then we’d pull up to Disneyland and the grandparents are there! After having a fun few days there, we’d stop at cool roadside attractions, like mazes and petting zoos, on the way home. That way the way home was always more fun than leaving for the vacation!”


Spring break for the family who loves the all-inclusive package

If you love a nice all-inclusive package where you don’t have to think about anything all week, you’re not the only one. Olympic gold-medal swimmer and mom, Summer Sanders, feels the same way! She loves spending family time in the water. For her, a destination with something for everyone, even grandparents, all-under-one-roof, is ideal. 

“You look for sort of the wow factor, a one of a kind experience.” Sanders recommends an all inclusive resort, like Kalahari Resorts, for spring break vacations. See the full interview here:

Sanders also loves road trips to get where you’re going. She has a ski race coming up, and the whole family is going with her. She’s already thinking about what needs to be packed, daydreaming about road trip food, and the great conversations had in the car. And after her ski race, her TV show, We Need to Talk (TV's first all-female sports talk show), returns in April. She’s busy! 

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So what is your spring break style?

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