A Year Without Sugar: Could You Do It?

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For those of us that have suffered through a diet, and I would venture to say (hopefully without offending any of our lovely readers) that almost all of us have taken that rocky road, we know full well that sacrifices have to be made. Some of our favorite foods have to take a leave of absence in order for us to get that figure that we want. 

Pizza? Gone. 

Ice cream? On extremely rare occasions.

Fried food? It makes me sick anyway. (Good riddance.)

Keeping in mind that we just got through celebrating second-most sugar-coated holiday of the year, what would it take for you to give up Easter candy? What would it take for you to give up Halloween candy? Now let's take it a step further.

What would it take for you to give up chocolate? I can't even imagine what it would take for some of you to let go of the edible gold.

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The Schaub family decided to go an entire year without sugar of any kind. No chocolate, no gummy bears, no coffee creamer, no froyo. Out of all of the sugars, however, the Schaubs avoided at all costs a sugar called fructose.

What is fructose? Fructose is “a very sweet kind of sugar that is found in fruit juices and honey.” One caveat to their diet was that they could eat fructose-containing fruits that hadn't been packaged or altered in any way—”in its original container … the way nature meant to have it,” Schaub said. 

So while they had to avoid having peanut butter and honey sandwiches for a year, here are some other foods that they had to skip out on.

  • canned pears (one of my absolute favorites)
  • applesauce
  • raisin bran
  • most breads

But don't forget that this is in addition to no chocolate. I repeat, no chocolate.

Now that the year is over, the family has moved from their strictly sugar-free diet to one focused on moderation and avoiding unnecessary sugar additives.

Do you think you could handle a year without sugar? I sure as heck couldn't.

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What diets have you tried that have worked out well?

What do you think?

A Year Without Sugar: Could You Do It?

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