Study Says it’s Safe to Get Pregnant Right After a Miscarriage

If you've had a miscarriage, you may wonder when you can try again to conceive or you may wonder what the risks are in getting pregnant right after a miscarriage. 

Doctors used to tell you to wait three to four cycles after having a miscarriage before trying to conceive again, out of the fear that your hormones may be still unbalanced and that your body would not be ready for another pregnancy. 

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New guidelines and research, however, have shown that it's actually not harmful at all for a woman to conceive as soon as the first cycle after a miscarriage and that she actually may be more fertile in the weeks following a miscarriage. 

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One of the most recent studies looked at all of the available literature on mothers who waited more than six months to conceive and those who waited less than six months after a loss to conceive again and found no difference in the two groups — and most importantly, no more negative outcomes in the group who waited less time. 

Doctors may have worried in the past that there would be complications with the pregnancy if you conceive too quickly, but all of the research so far shows that there's no evidence that that is the case for women. 

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Of course, every woman and every miscarriage is different, so it will depend on how your body heals and recovers and your own wishes for conceiving after a loss. And let's not forget that not all healing is physical — some women may need much more time to emotionally recover and be ready to try again after a loss. My miscarriage happened five months ago and I'm still not completely healed from it emotionally. The thought of trying again makes me anxious at this point, so it is important to honor the emotional journey of life after loss as well. 

However, if you are looking for answers in how soon it is safe to try again and get pregnant right after a miscarriage, the evidence is pointing to the fact that there is no reason to delay pregnancy after a pregnancy loss, so it is completely up to you when you want to try to conceive again. Talk to your doctor to make sure he or she agrees with your plans and if you get the all-clear, good luck! A rainbow baby is always a beautiful thing. 

Do you hope to conceive again? 

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Study Says it’s Safe to Get Pregnant Right After a Miscarriage

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