Students Engaging in Sexual Activity for Game Points

disterssed coupleThe school administrators and parents at Piedmont High School are trying to pinpoint how a statistics-based “Fantasy Slut League” was started amongst their male varsity athletes. Unlike any other common major league sports, this fantasy league “awarded points when girls the boys ‘drafted’ were rumored to have engaged in sexual activity.”

Principal Rich Kitchens sent a letter home to parents on Friday, stating, “Male students earn points for documented engagement in sexual activities with female students.”

These girls were completely unaware of what was happening.  For those male students to think this game was appropriate and fun, how low must their respect for women and intimacy be? Where did these students learn this behavior and mind-set?

The school learned about this game during a date rape assembly and is now planning an additional assembly to discuss “personal integrity.”  But despite all efforts to resolve this – letters were sent to parents; and students, parents, and staff members were interviewed – administrators and parents are still having a difficult time determining how this started and who was involved; students are keeping their mouths shut because they are worried about how this will affect their college applications!

“It’s not something on your radar, but I think there are a lot of things about our teenagers that are not on our radar,” Dana Copeland, president of the high school’s parent club, said. “You as a parent want to have an opportunity to talk to them and be involved in their lives.”

If you found out that your child was involved in a so-called “Fantasy Slut League,” how would you react? If your daughter was a victim, would you be satisfied with the school’s response? If your son was a player in this game, would you discipline him? What would be sufficient? Should this behavior affect their college applications?

What do you think?

What do you think?

Students Engaging in Sexual Activity for Game Points

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  1. Profile photo of gfeld gfeld says:

    That is sad because something special and intimate was turned into a low game. Have they no respect? They should not expect these girls who were used to ever be interested in them again!

  2. Profile photo of sxygrneyes sxygrneyes says:

    this sounds like a lifetime movie. as sad as this is, some lessons need to be learned the hard way. I bet now the boys will think twice before they brag about “sluts” & I bet the females will think twice before they do anything sexual with a boy.

  3. Profile photo of Thomas Thomas says:

    ok first teach the boy’s to respect the girl’s then teach the girl’s to not let every boy she like’s get in her pant’s .the game only work’s if there are two player’s it is as much on the girl as the boy .sorry but if a girl act’s like trash boy’s will act like trash men and try to pick them up , you have girl’s out there that dress like there in there 20 or 30’s and there not even 16 , teach respect in your self and other’s .the people that are the most shocked ar the one’s who let little billy or sally get away with stuff because there just kid’s after all

  4. Profile photo of otare67 otare67 says:

    I’m afraid far too many fathers would express pride in Junior’s scoring – that is until slapped with a paternity suit. Until we ban the sleaze from our stages and airwaves little is going to change.

  5. Profile photo of nydia rivera nydia rivera says:

    I hope.and pray this never happens to my children, but then again I have to take measures that it does not on my side. I have to.teach my kids respect for.themselves and others and that doing something like this can change their lives for the worse. For the boys then they would be known as cads and they could be punished. For the girls then they could wind uo accidentally pregnant, or be bullied, or worse.

  6. Profile photo of monette3 monette3 says:

    It’s wrong to place the blame entirely on the boys. The girls need to have more respect for themselves and some more integrity, but the boys lack of respect for and understanding of women and intimacy should definitely be addressed to. I think the school is doing a great job, the best that it can. The real responsibility for teaching these values belongs to the parents. I would appreciate the schools communication and address the problem with my own child.

  7. Profile photo of Sue Sue says:

    Are you kidding me? You’re saying the girls are the problem here?

    "These girls were completely unaware of what was happening. For those male students to think this game was appropriate and fun, how low must their respect for women and intimacy be? Where did these students learn this behavior and mind-set?"

    When was it acceptable to start ranking girls by seeing how easily they could be persuaded/coerced into sexual relations? Bear in mind that the GUYS came up with the idea. And doesn’t it take two to tango? How about the guys keep their pants up and no pants would be going around. For you to place all the blame on the girls only highlights the fact that YOU sir, are a jerk.

  8. Profile photo of JoshuaDLong JoshuaDLong says:

    See the issue here is not in itself with the boys, it’s with the girls. Why blame only the male integrity when obviously the morals of the females involved are clearly questionable. And do you think a participant of this league would have to have intercourse himself to gain points, no, the points are based on the actions of the girls, not the boys. Teach the girls to keep the pants up and the boys pants wont go down.

  9. Profile photo of mickystu101 mickystu101 says:

    Obviously the girls involved were no better than the boys if they are willing to have casual sex. Guys have always talked about their conquests. Did everyone forget this?

    It only takes one poorly raise kid to start something like this.

  10. Has anyone noticed that the whole country and culture is turning to sh*t?

  11. Profile photo of autumn autumn says:

    Apparently no adults in that town have ever seen the remake of Carrie (The Rage: Carrie 2, came out in 1999). That’s part of the story line, and one girl commits suicide because of her name being in the book.

  12. Things have changed a lot since I graduated.

  13. Profile photo of philoTruth philoTruth says:

    While not the best behavior, I think this article promotes a double standard. Why is it okay to talk about people’s sex lives in a judgmental way, like is being done here, but not in an approving way? The kids were simply saying "way to go" the way young men have since language developed. Assuming they didn’t lie to the girls and pretend to care more than they did. Even if they did, don’t women sometimes lie to get asked to the prom or have their status increased? Not great, but not a federal crime either, Honestly, this is seems like anti-sex propaganda to me.

  14. Profile photo of mindy mindy says:

    they have been watching to much carie 2 ………and if they havent they really should

  15. I think this is why it is so important to be open and honest about sexual activity with your children and to also teach them to respect themselves and others…

  16. Profile photo of Kim ShannonEditor Kim Shannon says:

    Exactly! I just hope my daughter doesn’t have to experience what some of these girls may be going through right now, if they do know they were a part of the game!! If I ever have a son, and he did this… I dont know what I’d do. Maybe make him volunteer at an abused women’s shelter, or volunteer at a rape hotline place, or something to make him realize what this sort of thing does to girls?? I dont know.

  17. sometimes they have or make without knowing the consequence

  18. Profile photo of Shiloh JohnsonEditor Shiloh Johnson says:

    Oh wow. I can’t believe that, yet I can at the same time. Kids can be so cruel! I don’t know how I’d react as a mom, but I know there would definitely be punishment if my son was involved. And what about the poor girls who were drafted? Did they find out they were on the list? How would that make them feel? I always say that I hope my daughter (and other possible future children) will feel comfortable talking to me about anything and everything, even as a teenager, and this is why. I will do my best so that my children never get involved in something so degrading, but even if it does happen (because you can’t prevent everything), I hope my husband and I will figure out the right course of action to take.


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