Don’t Go Shopping Yet: Tips to Stretch Your Kids’ Summer Wardrobe into Fall

Clothing is a huge expense for most parents. Does your kiddo burst through sneakers like there’s no tomorrow?  Or tear the knees out of jeans quicker than you ever thought possible? When their clothes still fit there’s no way you’re going to want to tuck them away or pass them along just because the season is changing. This fall, when the weather begins to cool, check out the tips below to help you stretch your kiddo’s summer wardrobe into the next season.

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Layer over

There no simpler way to make a summer outfit into a fall outfit than to add a jacket or a sweater. Let your kid keep wearing their favorite tops. Simply add something to keep their arms warm on cooler mornings or evenings. Don’t forget, as summer wanes and fall beings there’s going to be plenty of cool mornings that lead to warm afternoons. Your kid will appreciate being able to take a jacket on and off.

Layer under

If your kiddos favorite summer outfit doesn’t quite work with a jacket, try adding a layer underneath as we move into fall. Leggings might look great under a favorite skirt. And a simple long sleeved shirt might help stretch their favorite sundress into the next season.


Maybe your kiddo’s favorite summer outfit is warm enough to carry it into fall (or you live somewhere that doesn’t get cool quickly). So, consider adding some fall accessories to make an outfit feel more in season. Add a cute scarf, some sweet knee socks, or a pair of clunky boots to help you breeze into fall.

Trade them in

Sometimes you really need to purchase new fall clothes for your kids. If that's the case, consider trading in their summer duds at a consignment shop. Having a little extra to spend on in-season clothes will help stretch their summer wardrobe. And their old clothes will become someone's new clothes! 

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Which of your kids' summer wardrobe items make it into the fall season and beyond?

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Don’t Go Shopping Yet: Tips to Stretch Your Kids’ Summer Wardrobe into Fall

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