Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Ever Taken a Pregnancy Test?

I have taken my share of pregnancy tests, let me tell you what. I have never been more grateful that Amazon Prime exists than pretty much every single month, when I'm stocking up on my supply of pregnancy tests. No more having to run into the nearest store, hope I don't see anyone I know, and/or try to hide the tests under a pile of groceries I probably didn't even need in the first place. 

As a mom who has had a few surprise pregnancies, I know enough to keep pregnancy tests on-hand all of the time and most months, I am taking one no matter what. The slightest boob soreness gets me wondering, the smallest twinge of cramping makes me think I'm expecting, and even a hint of nausea has me running for my secret stash. 

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Many women I know are the same way I am–always keeping a secret stash of pregnancy tests and even, when we can't take it a single second longer, resorting to taking our tests whenever and wherever we need to ease our minds or confirm our suspicions. I have found out about at least two of my pregnancies in a good old-fashioned Wal-Mart bathroom and I have never felt classier, it's true. I even managed to take one test with a toddler in the stall with me because that's how talented moms truly are.

Now, I was curious as to what kind of experiences other moms have had taking their own pregnancy tests, so I did a very official (read: totally not official, but still fun) poll on my Facebook page to see what some of the results were. Here's what other moms had to say about the weirdest places they've taken their own pregnancy tests!

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Wal-Mart was a clear winner in my unofficial poll of where women have taken pregnancy tests. There's just something about the convenience, low prices, and their bathrooms, I guess. Many a mother has found out the life-changing news that they had a baby on board right there next to unbeatable low prices and cheery smiley face. 


“Oh man! I took one in a dirty campground bathroom once.  Backstory – I had already had one done that day at our Health Dept and it was positive. That night we were going camping and I told my boyfriend about it. He didn’t believe me. But I showed him.” 

A crisis pregnancy center

“I'm a card-carrying feminist, but I totally went to one of those Catholic anti-abortion places, because it was on the walk home from the park with my toddler and advertised free pregnancy tests. I thought I might be, but wasn't sure. They were lovely – and so happy to celebrate with me when I found out I was pregnant.”

The side of the road

This one may be the winner for strangest of all places to take a pregnancy test: “I was 21 and terrified so needed to sneak away!” Makes total sense to me …

Praising the Lord

“Church bathroom- and it was positive.”

Tanning salon

“Tanning salon!!! Haha. When I saw that the test was positive, I sat in the room and turned on the bed (but didn’t lay in it). I didn’t want the owner thinking I was a weirdo for just peacing out  Don’t worry, I haven’t been back to a tanning salon since, lol”

Working mother

“In a hotel bathroom on a work trip  and then I stuck the test in my purse (capped of course) because I didn’t want my colleagues to see a positive test in the trash can 

Therapist's office

“In the bathroom at my therapists office lol”

Another bathroom

At the pharmacy bathroom. Couldn't wait and sat in there crying for about 20 minutes. We had been trying for almost 2 years.

Fast food restaurants

Fast food restaurants were also a popular choice. Cici's, McDonald's, and Burger King all topped the list for fast food pregnancy tests.


And lastly, one mom had to take her test in her friend's bathroom. “I took one in the Publix bathroom once. I also took one in my friend’s bathroom (without their knowledge). [My husband] and I were staying there on our last night in North Carolina before moving since our apartment was all packed up.”

A mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do, right? 

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So spill: where is the weirdest place YOU have ever taken a pregnancy test? 

What do you think?

Where’s the Strangest Place You’ve Ever Taken a Pregnancy Test?

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