Stay Away from BPA: BPA-Free Product Alternatives

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When you’re pregnant, convenience rules. With fatigue, back pain, nausea and all the rest of the fun symptoms of pregnancy, it’s difficult to get a meal on the table, much less wash silverware or fix fresh vegetables. Plastic water bottles, plastic storage containers, and canned goods are likely staples in many of our lives.

Is there harm in these seemingly harmless products? In a new study, released on October 14 at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s annual meeting, researchers found women with higher levels of BPA – a chemical used to line aluminum cans and in some plastic bottles, tableware, and plastic storage containers – were more likely to miscarry than women with lower levels of BPA. Physicians responded by saying the study shows the association between BPA and miscarriage is “biologically plausible and of great concern,” but other experts, like those from the American Chemistry Council, pointed out the small scale of the study, and said it “cannot establish any cause-and-effect relationship.”

BPA worries aren’t new, and the link is still rather undefined. While you may not be able to avoid BPA completely (and while it may not be necessary) there are lots of alternatives out there that are good for your body, your wallet, and the environment (hey … it’s not all about you, right?) Here are our favorite tips for staying away from BPA. 

BPA-free product alternatives
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Refillable Water Bottle

There are lots of reasons to invest in a good refillable water bottle besides it being BPA-free. Having bottled water on hand in a spill-proof container can help you up your intake of water, which is essential during pregnancy (and all other times, too!) Refillable water bottles are also good for the environment – more than 18 billion water bottles end up in the landfill every year, and each bottle can take up to 700 years to decompose. One option is the CamelBak Better Bottle, a BPA-free jug in three sizes (.5-liter, .75-liter or 1-liter) and 14 colors. The lid is leak-proof, has markings on the side so you can keep up with your water consumption, and a flip-up straw for convenience.


BPA-free product alternatives
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Glass Food Storage Containers

What did we do before Tupperware? These days, a set of reusable plastic containers (or two, or three) is a staple in almost any home. However convenient, there can be dangers in reheating food in plastic food storage containers – chemicals can leech into your food from plastic containers (especially cheap takeout containers) when reheated. If you’re into grab-and-go, safe food storage, invest in a set of glass food storage containers, like the ones offered by Pyrex. The glass containers are microwave, dishwasher, and oven-safe, so you can store and reheat in one container … because pregnancy is hard enough without worrying about extra food cleanup.

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BPA-free product alternatives
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Fresh or Frozen Veggies 

Canned food seems rather innocuous, but the cans could potentially leak BPA (sometimes used to line the inside of cans) and aluminum into your food. Additionally, many canned foods contain super-high amounts of sodium and preservatives so they can stay on the shelves for months. None of this is good for pregnant women, especially high sodium. Fresh is always best, but in pinch, frozen vegetables will do the trick.  Frozen veggies are usually picked at their peak and flash frozen to preserve nutrient value and taste. Plus, they are great to have on hand for a quick stir-fry or side dish.


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Travel Cutlery 

How many fast-food plastic forks do you use on a regular basis? For busy moms, the answer is probably more than we’d like to admit (ahem … ).  Personally, I’m partial to collecting plastic cutlery at work for lunch at my desk. Not all plastic cutlery is unsafe, but those made cheaply could include BPA or other chemicals. Instead of adding more chemicals to your body (and more plastic to a landfill) invest in your own set of travel cutlery for on the go eating. This BPA-free product alternative, from Onyx, includes a fork, spoon, and set of chopsticks in stainless steel, and includes an aluminum case. This higher-quality set will last much longer than a collection of drive-through utensils!

Will you be picking up some of these BPA-free product alternatives? 

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Stay Away from BPA: BPA-Free Product Alternatives

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